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By mdhislam ·
We have 10 computer work group and have verizon dsl. Dynamic IP.
How can I setup the router so all PC can browse internet. I do not want ICS. I think NAT will do but I don't know how.
Please help.

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by adembo In reply to NAT

Your cable/DSL router will automatically NAT for you. You must have DHCP enabled on the Cable/DSL router. You need to log into the router using its IP and you can check those settings.

When your router is in place and dishing out IP addresses, it will give you a or something close to that. As long as all the computers are networked together and getting an IP address from the router, the rest is a piece of cake.

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by adembo In reply to

One thing you will always see people here tell you to do, which drives me crazy, is to disable the firewall. These are the same people who have all their users as local admins because it causes less problems for them. Having your firewall on will have nothing to do with this. A firewall is simply to block ports from communicating. A computer getting a DHCP address is not using a port, so the two have nothing to do with one another.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to NAT

so you have your dsl router plugged into your workgroup switch/hub, yes? and you can ping the dsl router from a given workstation, yes?
but you cannot browse the internet?
it should just work
go to a workstation and try to ping: first the dsl router, (that ip address should appear in 'inconfig' output as the 'gateway')
then try to ping your dns servers as given to you by verizon. (could it be those are not configured yet properly in your router? the symptom of this is abililty to browse by ip address but not by domain name)
do you have 3rd party or XP sp2 firewalls in your workgroup? what os on the pc's please? disable any firewalls for a test. also try surfing by entering ip address instead of domain name in Browser address bar to see if you have dns problem.
if you can't surf by ip address *or* by domain name. but you *can* ping your isp's dns servers, then it just about has to be firewall.

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by wlbowers In reply to NAT

Install a router such as the Linksys BEFSR41 (wired only) or WRT54G (wireless and wired) or WRV54G (wired, wirless, and VPN).

The verizon modem will go to the router. You will need an 8 port switch as well.

The router has 4 ports. One port will have to go the the 8 port switch.

The router will assign ip address via DHCP. It will also provide the nat translation.

Now you will need to install antivirus and a firewall on EACH computer.

I recommend eTrust Armor. It is an antivirus, and firewall combined.

This software works and is easy to setup.


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