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    Nat and Static internal IPs


    by broussard98 ·

    I am attempting my initial setup of NAT, and nothing is going well. I have a dual NIC setup in the server, and have assigned all computers static IPs (for various reasons outside this scope). That is just about where everything dies. I have set up client gateways to point to Private interface on the server. The gateway on the Private Interface to the server points to the public interface. Everything inside the network works great, but I can’t get an outside connection from the client. PLEASE HELP!!

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      by mib_admin ·

      In reply to Nat and Static internal IPs

      do you have ip forwarding assigned? do you have a proxy server and is it restricting access to to the public interface from the client side? can the server reach outside to nat? can you ping(that includes loop back testing) the ip address of the nicassigned to nat?

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      Reply To: Nat and Static internal IPs

      by antony_k ·

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      Can you ping any external(internet) address from server on wich NAT is installed?

      If no, then check Default Gateway setting on your server.

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