NAT : How to map destination port based on source address?

By gdes ·
Is is possible to map a destination port address based on source address and port number?

For example, when a sip packet (udp 5060) comes from a known voip service provider, is it possible to change the destination port address before forwarding on to the sip client behind a Cisco router?

If possible, I would appreciate if some one can elaborate on the config.

Many thanks.

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by oldbaritone In reply to NAT : How to map destinat ...

I know port forwarding can be done with tunneling, but I don't know whether the Cisco would do it based on source IP, nor how to set it up if it did.

Not much of an answer, I know, but since nobody else responded, it's my $0.02 worth...

Good luck.

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VoIP proxy

by petike222 In reply to NAT : How to map destinat ...


This is why the term "SIP proxy" was invented :)

So you need a proxy or a voip server for this like asterisk, voipswitch or mizutech and you have to setup your routing accordingly (in astersik you have config files for this by default. in voipswitch or mizu voip server you can do it from a GUI)

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