Nat multiple global IP's and ports to multiple inside servers and ports

By shumifan49 ·
My ADSL service provider (eclipse in UK) gives multiple static IPs. I would like to NAT port 80 of each external (WEB) IP to a different webser on my local network. I am using a Cisco 837/SOHO97.
I have PAT working so internet access from my local network is OK. I have managed to NAT a port (12000) from the first allocated IP to a server on the inside (I know it is not an HTTP webserver port). I would like to map port 12000 on the second IP to a different server. I have added the following line, but I still cant access the port on the second IP.
ip nat inside source static tcp 12000 x.x.x.x 12000 extendable
Could anybody help please?
I suppose first question is: Is this possible with the 837?

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It was the Cisco firewall -appears non-configurable(sometimes)

by shumifan49 In reply to Nat multiple global IP's ...

After reading many pages and posts, I discovered that the firewall is NOT configurable when you do NAT of global IP to internal IP/port; you have to disable it as far as I can work it out. That leaves the router very exposed, even when you set up access-lists.
If anybody needs an example config, I can let them have a copy. At least mine works now. I will now buckle down and see if it is possible to configure/use the firewall when using NAT from WEB to internal server.

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