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NAT or something else

By fa_hi_za ·
My computer connected to router. And i already published one of the computer to web using NAT. Is there any other option other than using NAT to publish my computer to web. i mean other than NAT what else can i use to published my computer. and is it possible to published more than 1 computer. Please help me in this. TQ

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by TyroneD In reply to NAT or something else

Depending on your router, you can publish as many computers as you like without having to enable NAT. Refer to your router's manual on how to utilize port forwarding.

You can use DynDNS - Dynamic DNS service and port forwarding on your router, together, to access your computer from the web.


Make sure you at least have a solid firewall application (ZoneAlarm Professional) to monitor your network and keep your computer(s) away from viruses, worms, attacks, etc.

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by fa_hi_za In reply to

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im using dyndns and no-ip to published my pc. my concern is to know if there is other option to published my pc without using NAT

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by Toivo Talikka In reply to NAT or something else

If you have more than one public IP address, which implies that the addresses are fixed, and your firewall router supports several WAN addresses, you are all right.

If you have only one fixed or dynamic IP address, you have to manage with the limitations of port forwarding - HTTP requests can go to one internal address, SMTP to another internal address.

Your webserver can still support several domains, as long as the domains point to your IP address, whether it is fixed or dynamic. You can set up multiple domains inside the webserver like Apache.

The HTTP requests are passed on to the correct document directories based on the domain information in the incoming HTTP request.

It is even possible to run a DNS server in your setup, as long as the A record of one of your domains is hosted elsewhere.

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