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NAT over Windows NT4.0

By a_albua ·
Do you think it's possible to NAT over a Windows NT4.0 ? What I really need to do is to give INternet access to local users through my Windows NT4.0 server. I already installed the two NICs and activated the routing feature. I have not installed theRIP routing service nor any proxy server.

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Install Proxy

by Slacker In reply to NAT over Windows NT4.0

Install Proxy 2.o and you're done. Point their brosers to the internal nic on your server and that's it.

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I was able without a proxy!

by a_albua In reply to Install Proxy

I was able to connect users to the server without any proxy servers. But I'm nATing between 192.168.4.x and 192.168.71.x So both have the same subnetmask. Any how now DNS and DHCP are activated and working perfectly but the problem I can not Authenticate users??

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It's all about Security

by timseery In reply to NAT over Windows NT4.0

First let me start with the what’s, why’s and how’s of NAT and Proxy.

Network Address Translation is different from Proxy although many network devices do both and the two technologies are related.

Proxy just lets more than one computer hide behind a single Public IP address to share Internet (Public Network) access. Many Proxy server products also allow Web page caching to speed access to commonly used sites.

NAT (defined by RFC1** allows mapping of Private addresses to Public addresses. NAT is usually handled by the Firewall to hide and conserve internal address space.

The why and the how of it is Security. You need to more than just connect to the Internet; you need to a secure connection to the Internet.For that I would recommend a Firewall product (preferable hardware based) to connect your systems to the Internet. I am sure others in the discussion group can give recommendations about cost effect product available today.

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Just a plain authentication program

by adnanalbuali In reply to It's all about Security

It all depends on the design and what you want to accomplish. I'm restricted to use on public IP to NAT local users but need to authenticate to make sure this user is allowed to use the Internet. That's all is required.

Most people would suggestMS Proxy Server 2.0 but it's damn slow cause it's filtering each site where we only need one instant of authenticating a user when they login.

There so many third-party software in the market but they can cause problems to the Network. It's strange why Microsoft produce Windows Server with all the security and User verification utilities and yet no body is using it...

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NAT or Route?

by adnanalbuali In reply to It's all about Security

It's fine now. I don't think that basic W.NT really does NATing but it could route two or more Networks (depending on how many NICs) that have the same subnet mask. Example 192.168.4.x and 192.168.5.x both with subnetmask

NATing isusually done between totally different Networks.

The solution to my previous problem was to add a route statement on the router accessed by the outside NIC of the NT server.

Now I'm wondering if I can authenticate users on the in-side of theNT server to access the Internet. They can now but they're not being monitored and controled. Something like a proxy server. But can we do it without the proxy server ?

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