Nat Pool and ISP . How to advertise ?

By tekbasima ·
Hi Everyone,

I have a 2800 series cisco router with a nat pool dynamically configured ( ISP router's ip address is say

I need to advertise the NAT pool to the ISP. I am using RIP version 2 by the way.I hope you could help me about this.



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This might be of help to you..

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to peconet

by tekbasima In reply to This might be of help to ...

Unfortunately that document was more complicated then I've expected.Could you be more specific

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I know it is complicated but then you can always give it a try..

These things look complicated until you understand the workings of the router in question. If you just read the post/link i sent you, you will find the part that relates to your question, i can not give you a short cut because it would not work. It depends on what kind of network you have setup, every ones network is different (routers, switches, ip addresses (inside and out)) So the best i can give you in terms of the help you are asking for is (like i said) in my earlier post. If you can give us a good idea why you need to have the setup this way, then maybe i can scratch my head a bit more and give you a solution.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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by tekbasima In reply to I know it is complicated ...

isp people don't use static routes back to their customers and they use ripv2

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by CG IT In reply to Nat Pool and ISP . How to ...

Advertising your NAT pool to your ISP doesn't make sense since they already know they assigned the public addresses to you can don't care what your private nonroutable addressing is.

If you want your ISP to know your 2800 is on their network I'd say use OSPF [that is if their routers will take your 2800 advertisments]

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