NAT with multiple external ip addresses

By david.bailey ·
Hi there, I recently upgraded to BT's 5 static IP package. They ask you to connect to their servers by setting the modem/router(DG834)to pick up a dynamic IP. Behind the DG834 I have a Netgear FVL328 VPN firewall router. This router is capable of assigning the 5 static IP addresses to pc's on the lan.
The problem is getting the broadband (and the multiple addresses) to the FVL328.
Do I have to set the DG834 to classic routing? If so, do i just set the FVL328 to one of the ststic public addresses?
Look forward to a response!!!
A baffled Jock

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clarification needed

by CG IT In reply to NAT with multiple externa ...

did your ISP assign you 5 static public addresses?

you say the ISP wants you to use dynamic addressing on the WAN link with their modem/router. That's not static addressing.

Typically the ISP will assign a pool of static public addresses available to you and the router you use must be able to handle a pool of global local addreses. The Sonicwall TZ 170 can do this.

Whatever is behind the perimeter router is or should be private addressing as the perimeter router will do NAT.

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BT's Internet

by david.bailey In reply to clarification needed

Hi there,
The way BT works is that you have a dynamic IP drom the ISP and a range of 7 IP addresses. Two are used by the ISP leaving the other 5 for assigning to internal devices.
My problem is that i have to go through two routers.
I need to know how I can get the public addresses to the VPN firewall router which is on the same subnet as the rest of the pc's and servers.


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