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I have a Cisco 3640 Router with one Ethernet interface and two T1 lines. What i need is that i wanted to achieve Load Balancing. When one of my T1 goes down all the machines should be automatically routed through the other T1 so that the machines can browse the internet. I applied nating in Ethernet and the two Serial interfaces. I created two set of NAT pools and created standard access-list for the same.But inside machines are bounded only to the first T1 pool of ip address and not the second. Then I treid creating an extended access list permitting ip,icmp,tcp and udp for both Serial interface and gave ip access-group access list no out for both the serial interface. After this i can only ping to my serial interface not beyond, but the router is pining perfectly. Can any one guide me if it is possible and if so what needs to be done to correct the same.

Thanks in Advance

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by guru@net In reply to NATING AND ACCESS LIST

A little more info would be helpful: using two T1s, one active and one for backup is not load-balancing it's fail-over or backup.

Are you trying to balance traffic across both T1s simultaneously (this is more difficult), or just trying to have abackup T1 in case the other goes down (this is easy)?

Are both T1s from the same ISP or different?

What do you mean by "inside machines are bounded only to the first T1 pool of ip address and not the second"? Inside machines should be addressed out of the network of your Ethernet interface.

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