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National Electronic Medical Record Design

By r.d.ball ·
You make excellent and valid points. Your last post pretty much details what needs to happen. My problem now, as a physician, is that there is no one in power who is thinking like you are. Without good central communication, implementation of the EMR is turning out to be like VHS vs Betamax, Blu-Ray, etc.. This is a project that is too important to let it develop itself by "shaking out" the smaller players. The way it is working now, most doctors are seeing only 60%-80% of the patients that they saw the "old" way. If we want to cut the cost of healthcare, those numbers need to be 120%-140% with the EMR compared to "before the EMR". Also, right now, most EMRs make setting up an Exchange server look like setting up Outlook Express.
I'm not really sure who's running the show for overall design of the EMR. It clearly isn't an IT type with any power. I suspect our office with five physicians will spend half a million implementing the EMR, and we'll end up "redoing" a lot of stuff because we basically are having an alpha release pushed on us billed as an SP2 version. You know where that goes! The provisions of the stimulus package got a lot of doctors, me included, to jump into the EMR, and it came as a compete surprise to the vendors, who were not tooled up to implement a lot of complex installations at once (How could they be?) Like a lot of software, you have to use it for a while before you realize what its shortcomings are.
Rest assured, there are lots of IT jobs available here because the typical physician doesn't have a prayer of implementing the EMR without large quantities of IT help.

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Hey, doc

by santeewelding In reply to National Electronic Medic ...

Tidy this up and make it stand alone as your own subject of discussion. You make excellent and valid points, too.

Otherwise, I have no idea who the "you" is you're talking to, or what their points were.

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"you" is me

by NickNielsen In reply to Hey, doc
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by santeewelding In reply to "you" is me

I have carte blanche by absolute encyclical to join anything that is.

Not even the good doctor is safe.

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It's going to take some unholy alliance

by CharlieSpencer In reply to National Electronic Medic ...

of the AMA, the insurers, and the Dept. of Health and Human Services. That's assuming this is a domestic program; gods only know what an international design would involve.

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It only makes sense that it be directed

by NickNielsen In reply to National Electronic Medic ...

My understanding is that portability of health records is (or soon will be) a federal requirement. I think government's constitutional obligation to 'promote the general welfare' overrides all other objections to such a directive.

HHS, the CCHIT office, or somebody needs to set the standard. In this case, government cannot sit back and let the market work.

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Absolutly Correct

by craiglinq In reply to National Electronic Medic ...

Many companies went into the EMR business thinking that it was easy government money. Of course that idea is far from the truth. If the job was a typical IT job, the old stringing cables and hauling out the heavy iron to set up $10/hour data entry clerks to populate a simple relational database, it would have been a piece of cake. Oh yes, we all have to agree on the same language, too. Let's face it some companies strategy seems to be getting started and having the health providers pay for an unknown development cost. The health care industry is broke and unless some developers see their way to find their way out of the box, we have problems. Start with HL7

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