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NBNS:Wireshark :Seeing lot of traffic from source ip to Broadcast !

By networking121 ·

Wireshark capture is something like below, it is seeing too many packets of this kind (one in every second, atleast)

124.X.x.x 124.x.255.255 NBNS Name Query NB User -73xxxAe8d<10>

I did nslookup on 124.x.x.x
It resolves to my isp domain,
eg www.myispname.com

NoteL OS windows Vista
Network discovery set to off
Netbios on my LAN is unchecked
LAn properties>>Internet protocol TCP IP>>Advanced Wins>>Disable netbios over TCB Ip is checked
Device driver>>Show plug and play devices>>NetBT is not started(is in stopped state)

Please help me understand this traffic

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by pgit In reply to NBNS:Wireshark :Seeing lo ...

That is a discovery service that can almost always safely be turned off. One eg would be connecting to a multimedia server...

I was floored when I deployed the first Vista machine on a LAN and saw traffic increase by what looked like a magnitude, with 80% of it that multicast garbage.

I used the advanced firewall control to block the stuff both in and out.

The network and sharing center is where you turn the service off:


Might want to search out help on disabling unneeded services generally. I have some good links bookmarked but then I have thousands of bookmarks and couldn't find them just now... =(

Time to organize 'em I guess. But a good site for solid, useful info of this sort is black viper:


In fact a couple of those lost bookmarks are from this site.

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