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Neat programs: AspMaker, JSPMaker, PHPMaker

By robo_dev ·
Having manually built and maintained many ASP and PHP pages to display database data, I was looking for an easier way to do that.

I must confess, too, that I was given the thankless task of building/maintaining crystal reports ASP pages....ugh, a fate worse than death.

I stumbled across this very neat set of tools. These are code generator tools that automagically build web pages to access database data.

You just point the app at the database, tell it what fields you want to include, hit the button and *poof* you have a functional web page.

Without any coding the the pages can do things, like column header sorting or support for blobs/thumbnails, that take a lot of time to figure out on your own.

The code it generates is pretty clean, and you can take that code and hack it the way you want, or just take the efficient (lazy) approach and let the generator do the work.

It can do all sorts of combo boxes, calendars, special authentication....heck it even does captcha.

There are several versions, one for ASP, one for .NET, one for Java, PHP, XML, etc, etc.

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