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Neat tool: GROWL for Windows with Prowl and Howl apps

By robo_dev ·
Growl is an open-source event notification developed for the Macintosh that has been ported to Windows.

With Growl you can do things like get SMS alerts when an urgent email comes in from the boss, or simply have messages or sounds play on the local console when something happens.

There are apps for weather alerts, home automation alerts, and even ones for automated QA testing alerts.

I monitor my network remotely, and I was looking for a way to send SMS alerts to my iPhone if/when a server goes offline, using Google Voice.

It appears I can do this with Growl, and the apps called Prowl and Howl, Notifo, and the Boxcar iphone app.

I have lots of devices that do SNMP alerts, but the tricky part is that I want to easily send alerts from SNMP to SMS and possibly email. So far it looks like Growl is the tool to do that....

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