NEC Phone System

By jackiekleinstein ·
My company has an old NEC/NEAX phone system. We were hoping to upgrade to VOIP, but with the pandemic, things have been delayed. I’m trying to access the server from the IP address, but I get an error that it needs initial setup from an extension. I don’t know what extension it is for the admin. Anyone know these systems?
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While I have run into them.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to NEC Phone System

I'm always pulling out the manuals for them or having them serviced by others in the business. For the really old systems, NEC and others don't have documentation any longer and that can force the replacement since the owner didn't know how important it was to keep the manuals.

Short answers. There are hundreds of models. You dig into this model's manuals.

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Thank you

by jackiekleinstein In reply to While I have run into the ...

Thank you. I have pulled the manual, but can’t figure out the online mailbox manager. I think I may be able to connect directly to the NEAX module at the server with a monitor and keyboard/mouse as a workaround. THE default login for admin seems to work, but we get the initial setup message. Just not sure where to start for that.

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Remember there are hundreds of models.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Thank you

Maybe over a thousand if we think of the decades these have been around and around the world. Setup is too often specific to each system which you omitted the exact model, year and what country.

If NEC is not answering questions you may want to ask a more pointed question such as "Do you support this model?" Sometimes it's best to know that the system has been EOL'd for a long time then you can talk to your client about that and suggest a replacement.

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