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Nedd Help: Data Recovery Gone Wrong

By Pdx Student ·
It happneded this morning. I have two HD, the master drive is for OS (dual boot)...and is still running fine.

The second HD is for my files (music, videos, pics....multimedia etc).

So I used GetDataBack to try salvage some files that I lost.......was able to retrieve it...& everything seems to be running just fine.

Then I rebooted my PC........Then the HD letter for the second drive is missing!!!

My second HD cannot be found anywhere.

I tried some troubleshooting:

-Device Manager can detect it (IDE Controller).

-Partition Magic can still see the drive (No letter).

-Partition Magic still recognizes all the original partitions on the drive.

-But, Partition Magic sees it as an unallocated drive (meaning wiped out & now emptied?)

So now I'm stuck, I'm sure the connections is fine, the bios is fine, everything was just fine until I rebooted the PC.

Should I remove the drive and re-connect the IDE again?

or buy one of those USB to IDE cable and see if my pc will detect it and give a drive letter? (hoping the files are still on the drive)

thanks in advance!

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by AmberHaze In reply to Nedd Help: Data Recovery ...

In Computer Management, (Under Administrative Tools), ==> Storage ==> Disk Management

If you can see the drive there, try re-assigning the drive letter to it... In most cases, this will work unless the format has been overwritten.

Good Luck

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by AmberHaze In reply to

ugh, it is not looking good. Provided you don't format it, the creating the logical drive won't "erase" the data, however if the parameters are wrong, you could accidentally over-write data and at the same time mess up any future attempt to repair.

You might try Norton Disk Doctor, I am not sure but it might be able to deal with the destroyed partition data (which is exactly what I think is wrong, I think your partition damaged)

Good Luck

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by Pdx Student In reply to Nedd Help: Data Recovery ...

thanks for the reply amberhaze, but before I proceed. This is what Disk Managment shows<a href="http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b353/aznstud/pc.jpg">HERE</a>

I'm scared now, because it shows my disk as Free Space!

So I have 2 options:

- Convert Drive to Dynamic Disk (irrelavent)
- New Logical Drive (wouldn't this create a whole new partition?)

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by ideaddict In reply to Nedd Help: Data Recovery ...

I suggest you to unplugged that hard disk & plug into another pc to check it functionality. If same thing happen then you should format it with Fat32 or NTFS system & then try again to recover your data.

Wish you good luck

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by Pdx Student In reply to Nedd Help: Data Recovery ...


If I have to format the drive....wouldn't that completely erase the data?

So I guess I have a damaged partition or master boot record...I will try the swap & plug though.

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by aschol In reply to Nedd Help: Data Recovery ...

If you have access to a recovery program such as r-studio (may be similar to GetDataBack, I have never used that) you MAY be able to do a quick format of the drive and then scan for any file entires. I have been able to do this successfully a few times, no guarantees though.

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by Pdx Student In reply to


I'll use GetDataBack, as I don't have R-Studio.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Nedd Help: Data Recovery ...

The first thing with any DATA RECOVERY Program is that you should NEVER EVER Save the saved Data to the original Locations but move it to a different drive where you do not run the change of overwriting the original Data.

I'm not overly sure how Get MY DATA BACK works as it is relatively new to the market and I have not as yet had a play with it but it's quite possible that it creates a Partition that fails to be seen on the Reboot so as you have already got Get My Data Back try running it again and see what happens, if you get the drive back copy] top something that is stable all of your data IMMEDIATELY and then reboot, if the second HDD is again invisible you can just perform a Format on it and then return your Data to it once you have it running properly again.

It would also be a very good idea to use the drive makers testing utility on the drive ion question just to make sure that there is nothing wrong with it.


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by Pdx Student In reply to

Hal 9000,

that's what I did!

Initially the recovered files was on the desktop, and then I moved it to the second drive where it was originally.....then I rebooted my pc and it all got wiped!


I'll it see if I can still retrieve those files.

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by electricdragon In reply to Nedd Help: Data Recovery ...

Before you buy or reformat anything you may want to make sure its not your mbr.
Boot into win98 and click start/run, type in:
fdisk e: /mbr
This will move the copy of your master boot record to the front of the drive, and it will do no harm if this is not the problem.
Exit fdisk and see if the drive shows up after the reboot.

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