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need 2 know how 2 activate windows xp pro

By kelly_50kelvin ·
ladys n gents i downloaded a xp pro cd and installed it and then it asked me for the key couple days l8r n then said that u hve 3days 2 find it or u cant log on until u validate the key. now can anyone help me because i had saved my coursework for university and it is very vital please help me! by the way this is a library computer.

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You're hosed!

by Absolutely In reply to need 2 know how 2 activat ...

The activation key is what Microsoft uses to protect its intellectual property: after 3 days, if you don't enter the key, the operating system will stop working. The way to get the key is to buy Windows. If you did buy a downloadable copy (!), then contact the store that sold it to you.

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download a product key

by kelly_50kelvin In reply to You're hosed!

look thanx for ur help but cant u download a series of product key for windows xp professional and keep on trying until it works. if possible can u try to do that for me or tell me where i can get them product keys. and do not have to pay

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Look, dude

by NickNielsen In reply to download a product key

Ask yourself if your homework is worth the $137 plus shipping from

If this is too much, you're a student. Take your student ID to the bookstore and see how much they charge. If you're still in high school, you can probably get a copy through your school district for less than this.

As has already been said, this is not a hacker site and nobody here will help you steal a copy of Windows. Welcome to the world of consequences.

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Get the key from the library

by NickNielsen In reply to need 2 know how 2 activat ...

Since this is a library computer, the library will have to contact their IT people to obtain the CD key to activate Windows XP.

Your other option is to purchase a license from a Microsoft dealer and obtain the CD key that way.

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Damn troll, begone! X-(

by jdclyde In reply to need 2 know how 2 activat ...

This is not a hackers site, and no one here is going to tell you how to steal a copy of XP.

The way you get a product key is you go to a store and you BUY one, you dreg of society.

If you refuse to purchase this, instead of coming here like a lowlife, go load a copy of linux. It is free, even to lowlifes like yourself.

Lost your school work? Way too funny! Always nice to see Karma catch up to lowlifes! Hope you had a lot done!

Now begone knave! You shall recieve nothing but taunts for your knavery!

I fart in your general direction! Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries!

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Now go away

by NickNielsen In reply to Damn troll, begone! X-(

or I shall taunt you a seconde time.

We tried to tell him nicely, JD, but obviously he just didn't get it.

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high tuition costs are YOUR fault.

by fungus-among-us In reply to need 2 know how 2 activat ...

"i downloaded a xp pro cd and installed it.... by the way this is a library computer."

You installed an illegal copy of Win XP onto a publically accessed computer? Tell me which school it is, so I can make a field service call.

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lie after lie

by jdclyde In reply to high tuition costs are YO ...

This worm did not download this onto a library computer.

I really DO hope that he as some term papers all ready to turn in, and they are gone forever!

worms are for fishing with, so throw this one to the fish.

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Actvate help

by coneakai In reply to need 2 know how 2 activat ...

1. most computers like the college, school, and library are set not or will block downloads and installing operating systems. If you did, then when the main system was recycled, your program went into the trial mode.
2. You need to explain to the library IT person what you did and ask that they help you and that is going to require you to involve Microsoft. It you can prove that you paid for a legit copy, then then will give you an activation code. If you got a copy from a sneek source (pirate), then you are out of luck.
The IT department should be able to backup the information you need and copy it to a cd for you. Then you will have to borrow acomputer that has XP Pro on it to finish.
4. That last option is that you pay for the version on the computer and it's a donation to the library.

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don't help him recover

by jdclyde In reply to Actvate help

there is nothing about his story that adds up, and you know very well that there is no "library computer".

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