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    Need 3rd party kiosk application for Windows 10, with dual monitor support

    by Captainoep ·

    I have been researching some kiosk software for our company and have been running into an issue with all of the software I am testing. When I run the kiosk software and have two monitors plugged into a desktop and try to sign into the local account, Windows will immediately sign out of the profile. Occasionally the screen will say “Signing Out”, then load the desktop for a moment, then sign itself out.

    Now, the strange thing is, if I try to sign in with one monitor connected, then connect the second monitor after signing in, it behaves as expected. However, I can’t have 400 users just unplug their monitors and plug them back in every day.

    I have tried three different companies kiosk tools: Hexnode MDM, ManageEngine Desktop Central, and ScaleFusion. All three behave the same way. As soon as I enable the kiosk mode, I get signed out of the Windows profile immediately, but only if two monitors are connected.

    I have also tried different machines, all Dell Optiplex 5090s, and different Windows 10 versions: 1809 LTSC and Windows 10 Enterprise 21H2, both fully updated.

    Is this some kind of Windows limitation, or is there somewhere I can review logs and see what exactly is prompting the sign out, then disable it? I have played around with the built-in Windows kiosk, but this will not work for what we are trying to do. The single app kiosk does not provide enough functionality.

    Also to clarify, by kiosk I mean that when the user signs in to the generic Windows user account, they will only see and be able to launch limited applications. In this case they will see Microsoft Edge (or it will launch automatically) where they can navigate to our Citrix Gateway sign in page. We are currently using HP Easy Shell so when the user turns on the computer, it automatically signs into a generic Windows user account and the only thing they see is our sign-in page. We are moving away from HP devices and software and are looking for a similar alternative. Thanks in advance!

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      Back to Microsoft.

      by rproffitt ·

      In reply to Need 3rd party kiosk application for Windows 10, with dual monitor support

      With such a large project, time to call Microsoft. It’s been over a decade for me since I attended a seminar about Kiosk mode as well as another solution called Embedded Windows. I’m going to decline any attempt to put all that was covered in the Microsoft Seminar about Kiosk mode and Embedded Windows.
      You have a big project. Time to call Microsoft and those Kiosk vendors to get their help.

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