Need 512 MB Graphics Card for this PC.

By karam.hpcic ·
Hi, I am using a Gigabyte Motherboard 81865GME-775-RH (rev 2.0) along with 512 MB DDR RAM and Intel Core 2 Duo D Processor. I want to upgrade to a new Graphics Card but don't know about the compatibility issue. Can anyone suggest which 512 MB Card I can go for? I will also be upgrading the RAM to 2 GB(DDR). Thanks.

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by bens In reply to Need 512 MB Graphics Card ...

Here are the specs for your motherboard.

It looks like you've got an AGP slot for video instead of the newer PCI-Express x 16 slot. So this case, it all depends on how much you want to spend. If you are trying to upgrade to make a decent gaming system, you might be better off upgrading your motherboard to one with PCI Express x 16 slots. If you are set on this motherboard, then goto NewEgg.com, choose Hardware > Video Cards > Desktop > Advanced Search. Specify the Interface as AGP and the Memory Size as 512MB. They range from $58 - $145. There is a PNY card in there that looks to be decent.

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Got it !

by karam.hpcic In reply to Suggestion

Yes, I need to upgrade it to a gaming system. I'll take a look at that site for AGP options. Thanks a lot. That really helped. Cheers!!

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You should be able to use any Video Card with this M'Board

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Need 512 MB Graphics Card ...

It is a Intel Chip Set so either ATI or NVidia Chip Set Video Cards should be OK.

Only possible problem is that it is a AGP Type Video Card so a 512 MEG Video V=Card on the AGP Standard will be slower than one built on the PCI Express Standard.

Also NVidia is supposed to have some Chip Set Problems that may be related to their basic design so unless you have an overriding need to use NVidia Chip Sets it may pay to use ATI at the moment for reliability.


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Thanks OH Smeg

by karam.hpcic In reply to You should be able to use ...

Even I've heard of the speed problem with the AGP standard. But my main confusion has been solved. Thanks a world Buddy!

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Your Welcome <NT>

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Thanks OH Smeg
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Tom's Hardware

by JamesRL In reply to Need 512 MB Graphics Card ...

www.tomshardware.com has a video card section, and every month they do a little analysis of the best cards for the money (ranges) in both PCI express and AGP.

I would check that, its generally well thought out.


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