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Need 64 bit Editing software for sony handicaM

By sherigreg11 ·
My sony handicam software will not run on my new 64bit processor with Vista. Sony said they do not have and may never have an upgrade for this problem. So I need to find a program that operates in 64 bit and will be compatible with sony so I may transfer my video tapes to dvd. Any suggestions? Please!

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Which version of Windows Vista do you have running here?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Need 64 bit Editing softw ...

There are 2 specific version of every Vista Version one is 32 Bit and the other is 64 Bit. If there is no mention of the 32 or 64 you have 32 Bit which is the default and the normal one. If you have the 64 Bit version you must have specifically asked for this.

Most 64 Bit versions of Windows should be able to run 32 Bit applications because there are not things like a 64 Bit version of Office available yet so if you have a 64 Bit OS installed and can not run this Sony Software on Vista it is most likely that the Sony Provided Software is not Vista Compatible.

If that is the case you only need look at the Software that is Vista Compatible to use with your computer. It gets considerably harder if you actually want to run 64 Bit Editing Software on your computer as there isn't much of it and it's expensive because there is very little that has been developed.

If you care to post back with what software Sony Supplied with their Handicam we may be able to offer an option but it could be as simple as using Windows Movie Maker which should already be installed on your system to edit your Tapes and move them to DVD from the Handicam.

With a tape in the Handicam and the Handicam turned on plug it into t he Computer and use Windows Explorer to find the files on the tape. Transfer the contents of the tape to a Temporary folder on the HDD and then you will be able to burn the unedited movie to DVD through the Supplied DVD Burning Software. Just open this and select Make a DVD Movie in the DVD Burning Software Options. Windows Movie Maker can be used to edit the movies if required before burning to DVD.


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