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Need a career advise please

By tech06 ·
I?m currently a one-man IT person in a small manufacturing business (70 user LAN) and my duties include pc troubleshooting, software/hardware maintenance, fixing printers (sometimes) and maintaining company?s ERP software. Lately I find myself becoming more interested in working with business application software rather than fixing computer/networking hardware. An example of this would be working with the end users on how to achieve business results with the software they have (e.g. ERP). I?m not talking about programming either, just something at the front-end. To me it sounds like I need a career change but I?m not sure where to start. What do you call that kind of job? A consultant? A Trainer? A software salesperson? Any input is greatly appreciated.

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Software Specialist

by fernando.doylet In reply to Need a career advise plea ...

Instead of a career change, you could learn more about your ERP software and become a Specialist. A Certificate may help. Then you can prepare a presentation with some recommendations for your Managers. If they like it, you may be promoted, unless you are irreplaceable.

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No career change needed - educate yourself

by scashwell In reply to Need a career advise plea ...

You have great value to your company in your present level of responsibility. The key to effective and efficient improvement in company operations is that the IT organization has intimate knowledge of the hardware/network infrastructure and how the business software utilizes that environment to deliver relevant information.

That said your company knowledge can be leveraged to enhance the functionality of the ERP program in use. Interview the powers-that-be on the business side to find what the most relevant results are they seek to solve problems such as budget containment, manufacturing output, asset management (not limited to IT assets), billing accuracy and collection success, invoice reconciliation to reduce vendor overcharges, contract negotiation and enforcement, customer ranking according to profitability ? know where to put the company effort and reduce the high cost of ?bad? customer maintenance, and the like. To gain an audience with the management may require staying later than usual. Let them know why you want their input ? get their buy-in to the interview.

The enterprise information technology management view requires IT to actively partner with the business side: what does the business need ? how much of it can be solidly fulfilled by the IT services available. With this attitude and awareness shift in the IT services thinking, the day-to-day maintenance routines fade in importance. IT can justify needed infrastructure upgrades to deliver services that can prove to be valuable and profitable investments for the company?s business managers.

Do you need a change in jobs? The answer is this question: what can you do within your organization to become more valuable? If you are personally respected by your managers and the people with whom you interact, the process is to acquire the needed knowledge and skills to make the current business applications function as best they can; discover areas of weakness in the application environment and find information management techniques and tools to augment the current system and shore up the weaker branches.

Hope this is helpful.

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