Need a cell phone in Europe

By Doug Vitale ·
A friend of mine is going to Europe for a couple of months. He is going to be in several countries in western Europe.

He wants to get a cell phone with a service plan that will get him coverage in all the countries he visits. He also wants to be able to get his AOL email on his cell phone.

So I'm looking for suggestions as to what the best plan of action would be. Would he be able to get a phone here in the USA and make all the arrangements for the service he will need, or should he wait until he gets to England and get a phone and service agreement there?

What would the best phone be in this case, a Blacberry or perhaps the T-Mobile G1?

He already has a cell phone with Verizon as the carrier, if that matters.

Thanks so much for your help.

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Do NOT get sucked in by the hype and marketing blurb...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Need a cell phone in Euro ...

By FAR & AWAY, speaking as a European (and assuming America is no different) once you have an intelligent cellphone the majority of the work is done. However it is no longer necessary to organise 'foreign' coverage from your country of departure.

IMHO the best method - both in terms of service provision AND resultant costs involved - is to buy a service provider SIM in each country that you visit whenever required. Most major telephone companies have 3G as part of their packages these days.

So instead of being a 'foreign' cellphone user being charged overseas rates, by purchasing a SIM in the country of use, you instantly become a native cellphone user in that country. No excess charges, no hidden costs upon your return - just swap SIM cards, charge them up and login from whichever country you happen to be in, at LOCAL RATES - that's what I do.

Upon return to the USA your friend might have a pocketful of SIM cards, but there won't be an excessively-levied 'overseas calls' service bill winging its way to him in the post.

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by cmiller5400 In reply to Do NOT get sucked in by t ...

That's how I'd do it. Much cheaper in the long run. Granted I probably don't have a need to do that since I haven't left the country in 16 years...

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