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Need a fix. My homepage has bee hijacked.

By aleki78 ·
Need a fix. My homepage has bee hijacked.

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by glyall In reply to Need a fix. My homepage ...

download Ad=Aware SE Personal from

Also like in Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs
remove what you can like TVMedia, MyPCSearch, any Toolbars, Websearch, 1800Solutions and other that you did not install.

Also to help clean up the register try Easy- Cleaner. download from

Also keep your virus cleaner up to date.
and keep Ad-Aware up to date.
RUN them weekly if not daily.

Adware and virus is going to get worsest

Good Luck

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by msperling In reply to Need a fix. My homepage ...

Try to use Ad-Aware to get rid of the hijacker then install sybot search and destroy to get rid of yet more spyware. You can also install hijack- this for free. It keeps a log of all hijackings. I have had the same problem using Internet Explorer 6 every time I went to use a browser, my about blank page which is my homepage was taking me to I had to go into my control panel and look into internet and then change my homepage back to about blank.It is a big headache for a lot of people lately. Each day I can be hijacked over 30 times and then I have days when I am not..Hope this helps you out.

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by black_eyed_pea In reply to Need a fix. My homepage ...

Spyware Removal Checklist

1. Boot into Safe Mode with Networking (some spyware can only be removed in Safe Mode).
2. Open Add/Remove programs and remove any application that both you do not recognize.
3. Install Spybot Search & Destroy, update it, and run it on the infected system.
4. Install Ad-Aware, update it, and run it on the infected system.
5. Launch HijackThis and click the Scan button. Make sure you run this after other malware removal apps. (WARNING: Reference the HijackThis tutorial at before removing anything.)
6. Reboot and run both Ad-Aware and Spybot again until the system is clean.
7. Launch Internet Explorer and browse the Web to verify Winsock was not broken while removing
spyware. If you cannot browse the Web, run the WinSockFix utility and perform another Web test.

Ad-Aware -
CWShredder -
Spybot Search & Destroy -
WinSockFix -

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by black_eyed_pea In reply to Need a fix. My homepage ...

Spyware Prevention Checklist

1. Open Internet Explorer, click Internet Options, click the Security tab, and click Default Level on each Security Zone.
2. Install all Windows Critical Updates.
3. Install and update Spyware Blaster. Remember to click the link to Enable All Protection.
4. If you have Windows XP, use SP2's built-in popup blocker.
5. Run GRC's Shoot the Messenger applet.
6. Run GRC's Unplug & Pray applet (Windows XP Only).
7. Run GRC's DCOMbobulator, click the DCOMbobulate Me! tab and then click the Disable DCOM button.
8. Execute DSOStop2 and click the Protect Internet Explorer button.
9. Execute HTAStop and click the Protect Internet Explorer button (WARNING: Windows XP Only - Will cause problems on Windows 2000).
10. Install IE-Spyad. This is profile specific, so you must run it under each Windows profile you wish to protect.
11. Run GRC's SocketLock utility.
12. Install and update JavaCool's Spyware Guard.
13. Rename the default Windows Hosts file located at %windir%\system32\drivers\etc and place the Gorilla Design HOSTS file in the same directory.
14. Install eDexter to reduce the efficiently handle the new HOSTS file.
15. Educate yourself on Internet best practices.

DSOstop2 -
eDexter -
Firefox -
Hosts File -
HTAStop -
IE-Spyad -
Shoot The Messenger -
SocketLock -
Spyware Blaster -
Spyware Guard -
Unplug & Pray -

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by kron123 In reply to Need a fix. My homepage ...

Do a google search for "Browser Hijack Blaster" and it will fix you up, free!
On a regular basis you should run at least 2 of the following progs:
spybot search & destroy
hijack this
stinger (mcafee)
microsoft antispyware (formerly Giant antispyware)

there are quite a few others

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