Need a little Help!

By C.Ultimate.Storage ·
Ok I am running Windows Home Server and I have 3 computers at my local Network location, I have 2 Computers at my work locations and i would like to know if there is a way to connect them all together. If so can someone walk me thru how to do it.

Would like to stop carrying all these externals with me.

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Remote desktop or VPN

by seanferd In reply to Need a little Help!

See the networking tools in Accessories > Communications or

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Are all this computers in the same Building

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Need a little Help!

Or are they separated by some distance?

If they are in 2 locations the above will probably be your best bet but you'll need a Internet connection on all the time that you want to remote in.

If they are in the same building like in a Home Business you can add them tot he Home Server by either direct Wired Connection or a WiFi Connection.


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Whats the goal?

by Jay217 In reply to Need a little Help!

I assume your trying to share data from your home network to your remote PCs. If you have so much data you need multiple external drives then you wont be able to transfer that much over the internet in a timely manner anyway.


Your probably looking at getting a static IP, setting up vpn access on your home server (im not even sure if its built in with WHS), and sending connections to it from your work locations.

Another, simpler, option is to setup GoToMyPC or LogMeIn on one of the pc's at home then connect to it whenever you need to get something. They both have free trials and allow for file transfers. Granted the home pc could not be in use when the other computer connects.

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