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Need a program that can break windows EFS encryption on a file server

By Hurell.Lyons ·
We have some sensitive information that has been encrypted on a file server. The user that encrypted had his profile blown away and killed all his keys and the admin accounts DRA isn't recovering the data file. After wrestling with this for 2 months off and on I;ve been told just get it down ASAP.

Can you guys recommend a softare product/company that will break this encryption without too much fuss. It has to go on our file server (Which is also our DNS/Exchange/And antivirus console server) so I want to make sure I'm purchasing a product that works 9Can't afford to install/re-install apps randomly because it doesn't work as advertised.

Any assistance anyone can lend would be super.

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ON Track can do this for you but they'll need the original Drive

by OH Smeg In reply to Need a program that can b ...
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That won't be an option

by Hurell.Lyons In reply to ON Track can do this for ...

Not an option....this is a hard drive in a production environment in a Raid config. Plus I'm sure my company would have issues sending our sensitive data to some random company we have no prior history with.

I have looked into elmsoft's AEFSDR product. I'm probably going to call today to find out more about their software.

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You need to set up a recovery agent

by ttraband In reply to Need a program that can b ...

This won't help for your current problem, but to prevent this from happening again, you need to implement a recovery agent. This is a designated user which receives EFS keys for all encrypted files so that you can access them if the regular owners/trustees are deleted or damaged.

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Move encrypted NTFS files to FAT32 disc

by lesgholson In reply to Need a program that can b ...

I tried this once before with files from my own system. I purposely encrypted a folder roughly 5.5MB in size on a NTFS volume, (Windows XP Pro) using EFS. I moved the encrypted folder to a external FAT32 jumpdrive. This gave me the option to remove the encryption, which I allowed. And I was able to access the files fine.

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This only works when the Encryption Keys are intact

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Move encrypted NTFS files ...

If they have been destroyed it's not possible to save the data unencrypted this way.


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You might try this program from Elcomsoft

by ken In reply to Need a program that can b ...

It has a 30 trial

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by Hurell.Lyons In reply to You might try this progra ...

I have tried it. I have the user trying to figure out passwords were being used at the time of encryption because after it scans the servers for valid keys it comes back and says none of them will open the files. Thats the best one from what I can tell but its not working. Looks like the Admin account as recovery agent has expired.

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