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    Need a sample W2KS DNS please


    by cdietz ·

    I am switching from roadrunner hosting my dns for my
    websites to a DNS server.

    I think I have setup the cname, alias, SOA files, the lines for a name server are correct
    however my sites still do not work.

    Can someone provide me with a quick sample of what a W2K
    DNS for internet would look like? What is the internet dns run from the MMC Dns or the *.dns file?


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      Reply To: Need a sample W2KS DNS please

      by chris.. ·

      In reply to Need a sample W2KS DNS please

      Did you change the SOA record with the domain name registar?

      As for the third part DNS is DNS, the config is a bit more complex, but basically you need the appropriate zones created in order to manage them correctly from the MMC snapin

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