Need a solution

By mr_t_wright ·
Ok, a user is having problems with her fax its a Brother intellifax 4001e. She says the fax isnt working. She keys in the number the handshakes initiates but the document doesn't get pulled through, however when using the "copy" function the document pulls through just fine.. Anyone had this problem before, or might know what the problem is?

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the Best Answer...

by dawgit In reply to Need a solution

Would be from the manufacturer, Brother, either on-line or in the Users manual.
Anyway, we could use a little more information.
Does this happen to multiple Fax recipients or just one? is the intended Receiver's Fax machine turned on? and on-line? Is the user using the correct procedures? (Have you personally observed the problem?) Is the Phone line plug properly and correctly connected? (both ends)

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You have to check that the

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Need a solution

System is actually connecting to the receiving end first before doing anything more.

If the Fax Unit isn't Handshaking with the receiving end it's not going to feed the paper through the unit to begin with.


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Do some troubleshooting

by NexS In reply to Need a solution

-try faxing to different numbers
-plug fax machine into another phone line
-do some hardware resets
-test another fax machine in same phone line

Might just be a faulty machine...

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