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    Need a suggestion for Monitor


    by singhalishaa6 ·

    Good day, everyone.
    I’m only getting started with this. For my AutoCAD work, I require a monitor. So I went to Google and found a website that was relevant to this topic. There are various options to pick from, but owing to my budget, I can only choose two of them.
    1. Samsung AutoCAD-ready 28-inch 4K UHD LED-lit monitor with 1ms response time, 60Hz refresh rate, AMD FreeSync, 2x HDMI, and DisplayPort (U28E590D)
    2. Dell 27-inch Ultrasharp Monitor with WQHD (25601440) Resolution IPS Display, Infinity Edge Bezels, 8ms Response Time, and 60Hz Refresh Rate for AutoCAD (U2719DX)

    As you can see, the attributes and requirements of both monitors are nearly identical, thus I’m having trouble deciding between them. Please assist me by recommending the finest monitor for AutoCAD.

    Any and all suggestions would be greatly welcomed.

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      Reply To: Need a suggestion for Monitor

      by kees_b ·

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      1. Read reviews to be better informed.
      2. Compare in the shop.
      3. Buy the cheapest of the two (to save money).
      4. Buy the largest one (28″)

      Your choice here.

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      Reply To: Need a suggestion for Monitor

      by reviewmarketingguy ·

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      As a Good monitor helps us to work properly I think Dell 27-inch Ultrasharp Monitor with WQHD (25601440) Resolution IPS Display, Infinity Edge Bezels, 8ms Response Time, and 60Hz Refresh Rate for AutoCAD (U2719DX) is the best choice you can also use it with laptop.

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      Monitor Suggestion

      by benstrom531 ·

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      If you find it harder to select monitor. Then try other monitors. Here I show you some monitors maybe you like it.
      1-ASUS ProART Display PA278QV 27″ WQHD MONITOR
      2-Dell ultrasharp U3415W 34 Inch Curved LED-Lit Monitor
      3-ASUS PB287Q 28 4K /UHD 3840×2160: Best Ergonomic
      4-LG 34WK650 –W 34 UltraWide 21.9 IPS Monitor: Best AMD Free Sync Monitor
      5-Dell U Series 38 Screen LED-Lit Monitor: Best Incredible Visual Monitor
      6-BenQ 32 Inch 4K UHD Monitor IPS Panel Srgb and Rec: Best 4K UHD Monitor
      7-Dell ultrasharp Y2720Q Inch 4K Monitor: Best IPS Technology

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      Here are a few points to think about when purchasing a monitor

      by aanyagaud6031 ·

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      There has been a lot of change since the days of heavy 15” CRT monitors. Nowadays, it’s commonplace to have monitor 27 inches or even more significant in the workplace! Larger monitors can work in a larger area without reducing or closing windows, making your work more productive. You’ll need to have enough space for an extra-large monitor. Some Ultra-Wide monitors replicate the dual-monitor configuration on one screen. The most commonly used sizes in work are the 22 to 24 inches monitors.


      Resolution refers to the number of pixels a monitor must display to show an image. In general, solutions for monitors consist of two digits. The most popular resolution is 1920 1080 pixels, equivalent to the horizontal resolution of 1920 pixels by 1080 pixels vertically. Higher resolutions let you display more information on your screen, and more resolutions appear more sharp. It’s important to remember that the larger the monitor’s resolution, the smaller everything on the screen will appear. Yet, Windows does a decent job at scaling these elements by making some adjustments.

      Video Inputs

      Common video inputs are VGA, HDMI, DVI and Displayport. In general, it’s recommended to use the connector on your computer, but cables and adapters are accessible for virtually every input that connects to other input. SandStorm IT usually stocks a large selection of adapters to meet our customers to make life easier. Keep in mind that not all connectors are equipped to perform the same way.
      Most of the time, DisplayPort is best since it supports 3840×2160 (4K) with 60 frames/second. HDMI is a great option, too, thanks to the possibility of connecting cables that can transmit audio signals. DVI is typically limited to the resolution of 1920×1200 pixels, but DVI-D can handle higher resolutions. The older version of VGA is best utilized as a last resort since the signal is analog. VGA connections usually don’t provide the same clarity as other connections.


      Like other computer components and accessories, you’ll receive precisely what you are paying for by buying an LCD monitor. A primary 1920×1080 24-inch monitor with few features can be found for $150. At the other end of the scale, a high-end 32-inch or bigger monitor with a 4K resolution and an adjustable height could easily cost around $500 or more. Most of the time, larger displays and better resolutions push a screen’s cost higher.

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