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Need a Suggestion To Get a New Laptop

By manisha1628673222 ·
Hey Guys,

Few months ago, I bought a laptop for my business. This Dell model (Dell Latitude 13 7300 ) is giving me trouble. Please advise me on whether I should use a high-speed Wi-Fi network or a keyboard. It moves at a slower rate. Alternatively, please advise me on the most recent and greatest Dell laptop. My question is whether the old model or the new model is better. Is it necessary for me to upgrade my Dell model? Because I'm not familiar with laptops?

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Re: laptop

by Kees_B Moderator In reply to Need a Suggestion To Get ...

- There are many possible configurations for said laptop. So, in effect, you told nothing about it, except that it has a 13.3" screen.
- You didn't tell what troubles it gives, so we can't help with that.
- A faster WiFi makes access of Internet faster. But it doesn't influence anything else.
- The keyboard doesn't have any influence on the speed.
- It runs slower than what?
- For most persons in most businesses it's not necessary to have the most recent and greatest and most expensive laptop.
- A new model is not necessarily better than an old one, although nowadays it makes sense to buy one that's compatible with Windows 11.
- "Upgrading a model" is a rather strange way of saying.

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I would not buy. I would use my warranty.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Need a Suggestion To Get ...

You didn't reveal why you didn't use your warranty or what troubles you were having. At our office with some 100+ laptops there isn't a single model that stands out as we changed to obtaining refurbs years ago. We don't pay full price and about all we do is swap the HDD to SSD to bring the speed up to today's expectations.

Yet folk continue to buy HDD only equipped laptops and complain. Could this be your complaint?

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