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    Need a Sync Program


    by bds19591 ·

    I’m looking for a synchronization program. Obviously, “free” would be best, but if I an find something that has a cost, I might have to go that way. The “caveat” is that I need something that will effectively do versioning. I have two users that have external hard drives that want to sync their data. They map each other’s drives to each other’s workstations. It’s easy enough to find a sync program, but the problem is that there are files that each work on and then save on their individual drives. In other words, the filenames might be the same, but there are two different versions. I don’t want to overwrite the older one because it may have necessary changes. Ultimately it would be ideal if the one file would be changed to a different filename, or flagged to a separate folder so then they can do the necessary comparrisons. Does anyone know of a program that does what I’m looking for? Thanks!

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