Need a way to track time logged on, and to force log off after a set time

By Derek Darling ·
A client who offers internet time to job seekers needs a way to both track in-line time for case-worker reporting, and to log off a client after a set time surfing. this should also be able to warn the client that their time is almost up.

Derek Darling
White Rock, B.C.

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Maybe one of these? (Time Limit Software List)

by 1bn0 In reply to Need a way to track time ...

I recently started researching for software to Time limit my 14 yo son. He spends WAY to much time on the computer. (5+ HRs per day)

I collected the following list of packages but have not had a chance to actually trial any of it. I beleive a couple of them cover what you are looking for

Time Limit software

Times Up Kidz

Times Up - AGSoftware

KidsWatch Standard Edition



Child TImer

LoggerOffer (Free)

Ez Internet Timer (exe)**19&promo=100511

Kids PC Time Administrator (zip)

User Time Control (zip)

Freeware - Countdown timer
The PC Timer 4.0

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Built in

by StealthWiFi In reply to Maybe one of these? (Time ...

You could have the logon script (VBS) log "Log on" and a log off script logs "Log Off" times; the log on script would also calculate a total duration from the logged info; if the duration exceeds "x" then initiate a log off.

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