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Need Access database help

By Hey Lucy! ·
I have a membership database created in Access 2003. There is a Member's table that includes their address, contact info, etc. The zip code field in that table was defined with an input mask (00000\-9999;0;_) so that the data entry person does not have to enter the dash between the zip code and the 4-digit zip on the end. Example: 30161-2992.

Now, there is a form that was created based on this table (and some others for the subforms) that the entry person enters info into, including that zip code.

Here is the problem: When I run a make-table query based on zip code (and other criteria), some of these zips show up without the dash...like this ....301612992. That, then, effects the sort ascending process.

When I look at the form, it shows the dash...when I look at the Members table it shows the dash...when I look at the table created from the query...the dash isn't there.

I have tried deleting the zip and re-entering it in a number of different ways but I get the same results. The strange thing is this is only so on a few of the records (@ 150 of them) and not ALL the records (@ 2000).

When I created the input mask I checked to save the dash.

I have tried everything I can think of and I am truly stumped. Does anybody have any ideas as to what could be causing this or how I could fix the problem? The worst part is I have a deadline on this!

Let me add that I can go into the table design (the table made from the query) and add the input mask and the dash is then there. However, this is not feasible because this query has to be run on a regular basis with the entry person entering criteria into a text box. This would be an item I would add to the menu for the end user. In other words, the entry person would not be able to or know how to update the input mask in the table created from the query. The entry person (end user) works strictly off the menu and does not do any programming.

Thanks in advance!

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