Need Admin access from User account

By ThE l\/luStA ·
alright whats up people, i work for a big company and on all of the computers we use they have all this admin restrictions for everything you try to do. cant even make a new folder without it giving an error. all i want to do is download msn messenger so work isnt so boring but i can unless i can access admin rights. is there anyway this can be done easily. i looked up some info on it and i know there are some programs you have to download then burn to a cd and run it from shutdown but i dont want to go through all that hassel if possible. any help anyone?

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Admin rights

by shhite In reply to Need Admin access from Us ...

Admin rights are there for a reason and Techrepublic will not assist in bypassing them. If your company has restricted access that much there is a reason for it.

Unless your addmin has restricted access to windows messenger and assuming you are using a Windows OS as well, Windows messenger comes standard and is under tools on your internet explorer page.

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by ThE l\/luStA In reply to Admin rights

we use windows 98 and messenger doesnt come auto on any of our computers. why cant i get help on this forum for such a simple task, i just read a forum on here on a certain way of how to do it but im looking for other ways, but i guess you know it all. anyone that can help please do so thanks people

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Think about it

by IC-IT In reply to .....

TechRepublic members do not assist in helping people bypass administrative controls.
Now who do you think a lot of these members are and the type of work that we do?
If you answered administrators, specialists, and etc, you get a gold star and now realize why. ;-)

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This is kinda like

by technogeek-1995 In reply to Think about it

This is kinda like a post with network magic. I believe OM has it "bookmarked." It had over 100 posts over Admin Privileges. OM could you bring up that page.

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Go ask your boss to have them open it up for you

by jdclyde In reply to .....

if they will, then it will be an "easy" task.

If they don't, you can have an easy time from the unemployment line.

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Not quite getting it.

by Kenone In reply to Need Admin access from Us ...

We're the folks who are responsible for keeping the crap off of the computers. If that means no IM then that's what it means. In all likelyhood your dept. supervisor (or someone even higher) has requested that messenger be blocked. Therefore it is.

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by ThE l\/luStA In reply to Not quite getting it.

looks like i came to the wrong resource for help, ill look for a forum that can actually help. all i hear is techrepulic this and that. i was askin simple question, thansk anyways

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web messanger ??

by Gate keeper In reply to mmk

if it is messenger you are after .. why not use web messenger. i doubt it requires admin privileges and works just as fine for what you want. if that is the only reason you require admin access.

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by cmiller5400 In reply to mmk

Your attitude sucks for trying to do something against company policy, we IT administrators have to clean up after seagulls like you that crap all over the place and muck** up everything.

Go play somewhere else. We don't want you hanging around here.


**: Please substitute the appropriate word since I can't say it here...

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by ThE l\/luStA In reply to GO AWAY!!

forget the meds this morn? your the only one crying here. dont read my posts, thanks "dude"

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