Need ADSL uptime monitoring service

By StefanVerster ·
Hi all
My ADSL at home goes offline every now and then and I am hosting my own website on that Server at home.So now every time my internet at home goes off people can't access my site.I need something that will notify me on my work email address when my internet goes off.So my question is as follows:Is there a service that allows an email to be sent to a email address when the internet goes off?Any answer would be greatly appreciated.Thanks to anyone in advance.

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Well just at a guess how would you expect

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Need ADSL uptime monitori ...

A Outgoing E-Mail to go anywhere when the Internet is down?

If the Net Connection Drops out that will limit all connections including E-Mail.


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i figured i'd get an answer like that.....

by StefanVerster In reply to Well just at a guess how ...

that is why i said a "service" maybe an online service that constantly pings your router externally and as soon as the connection drops it sends and notice email to my given work email...Something like that but thanks for the answer anywayz man.

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Well I wasn't trying to be cleaver

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to i figured i'd get an answ ...

Just pointing out the obvious that you can not send a E-Mail from the Server to an Outside Destination when the Net goes down.

Sort of like most of the ISP's here who say that they'll send you a E-Mail telling you how to setup your E-Mail. I find it kind of Self Defeating when they offer to do things like that because you are unable to receive any incoming E-Mail.

It just seemed a bit pointless attempting to send a Notification from the affected Server telling you that it had lost it's Internet Connection.

May be a better option to just periodicity interrupt the power and set the server to Auto Restart when Power is returned. So that way it has a Set Downtime and should be running the rest of the time.


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I found this

by Jacky Howe In reply to Need ADSL uptime monitori ...

by doing a google for "ADSL uptime monitoring service alert"

You should be able to find something to suit your needs.

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Thanks buddy...

by StefanVerster In reply to I found this

That got me in the right direction.I know i also always tell people to just google and they will find the answers but sometimes you just need to know what to type in that little searchbox to find what you are looking for and that was what i was lacking this time round.Thumbs up for you.

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Glad that I was

by Jacky Howe In reply to Thanks buddy...

able to help. Good Luck

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ADSL Monitoring

by clay584 In reply to Need ADSL uptime monitori ...

This is a good, free site that will monitor all kinds of things for free. I use it to monitor my internet connection, servers behind my modem etc.

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Thanks Buddy

by StefanVerster In reply to ADSL Monitoring

Now that was actually what i was looking for.Thanks for the great source!!Thumb for you!!

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