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Need advice: finding employers that work with one who has disablity issues.

By tonyduf ·
My son, who has pervasive autism and has tourettes syndrome, will be enrolling at our local community college skill center to get his A+ certification, and then going on to get his certification as a Linux network administrator. Paul's savant lies in the fact that he is a self taught genius in almost all aspects of computer knowledge (It just amazes me about what he knows about computers). But, that being as it may, there is still the need for certifications, degrees, etc.
My question is this, to those of you who are familiar with the kind of disability issues Paul has. How does one go about finding employers with the special patients needed to work with someone like Paul who has unique disability issues? Let me know if any additional clarification is needed.
Thanks, I'll be watching for your comments.

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by Salamander In reply to Need advice: finding empl ...

You might try contacting:

Most state agencies have the equivalent of a commission that provides some assistance with placing people with disability issues in productive work environments. With your son's talent, I'd think that it's likely that they might be able to find a place for him. I haven't much direct familiarity with autism, but I'm betting that they might be able to point you in the right direction.

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by jdmercha In reply to Need advice: finding empl ...

Look first at your local disability agencies. They tend to hire a high percntage of disabled workers. The agencies may also have contacts with other organizations or businesses that can accomidate him. You may find that his best bet would be to first do volunteer work at these agencies. Volunteer work can establish an experience record that can demonstrate his ability to do the work. It will also get job references for him. This can be done on a part time basis while he is still in school.

The next place I would look would be other local or state government agencies. Other healthcare related facilites such as hospitals and nursing homes are also worth checking. If he can do well at the Community College, he may be able to find a job there or at another educational institution.

Beyond that, you might look at small computer shops. They may be able to put him to work building computers. In some states, they have programs where the state will even cover part of his salary, thus making it more appealing to these smaller shops.

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by jbaker In reply to Need advice: finding empl ...

That is a tough one. As "progressive" as our society is supposed to be, you will still find that it may be very hard for him to find gainful employment. It could be especially hard if your son has any difficulty communicating (speech issues due to his condition). The state and federal agencies, and places such as the Salvation Army and Goodwill have need of talent such as his though, and may be more willing to look beyond his disabilities to see his capabilities.

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