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NEED advice for newbie on best tech device for 7 yo son

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For the sake of helping a young soul grow up & become a contributing member of society, please read...

In short: we are super poor, but my son (extremely bright, btw--no really, he's blowing away his teachers & others) is at the age where kids in school have games and tablets etc & I don't want him left in the dark (let alone shunned or have his self worth impacted) because we're poor & he's the only kid in school who is clueless about games & tech stuff.

I want to take our tax refund we're gonna get in a week or 2 and get him something he can play minecraft on. We have satellite & I go over our FAP every day. There's no dsl where we live.

Is there a device he can play minecraft on w/o connecting to the internet? Obviously I'm clueless.

What's the cheapest and best tech device I can get so he can play minecraft with his friend who lives an hour away?

Tangent question: Any other ideas of good but cheap educational electronic hand held devices? Emphasis on cheap (price, not quality). He needs to occupy himself without getting in trouble running around destroying things while we're in meetings.

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