Need advice implementing RAID on a PC

By brossyg ·
I have a Dell Precision 390 with a 975X Express chipset. The chipset has Intel's Matrix Storage Technology (RAID). I want to implement a simple 2 drive mirroring RAID 1 arrangement where I leave the boot drive (C) the way it is (non-RAID) and use the D drive together with a new drive to form a RAID 1 arrangement.

I assume that the 975X is essentially a hardware-assisted software RAID solution, but I cannot find any difinitive information on this. I will either use this RAID on the motherboard, or will buy a separate RAID controller (Adaptec 1220 SA ?), but I am trying to figure out what the hit to performance will be for either of these solutions. Are they both hardware-assisted software RAID? Will one perform better than the other? Will I notice a performance decrease with the motherboard RAID solution?

The only thing that the RAID 1 drives will be used for is a MS Access database (250 meg) that is read/write intensive).

Can anyone adivse?

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