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need advice now!!

By rolcamp42 ·
i have no certifications or a degree, but i've decided I want to try a career in IT, ecspecially the hardware part of it. Where should I start? Should I start off getting A+, work on a degree, or what?

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Start with some manners

by mrafrohead In reply to need advice now!!

demanding advice of others isn't the way to go about things...

maybe try asking.


even try the "magik word".

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Or post in the correct forum

by Oz_Media In reply to Start with some manners

You will actually find help, if you ask properly, in the TECHNICAL Q&A forum.

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by rolcamp42 In reply to Start with some manners

i wasnt meaning to be rude i just was trying to get attention to my post, sorry about that. Im actually a doormat of a nice guy

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In that case

by mrafrohead In reply to oops

I would start with A+. For some reason, companies like to see it, though I don't have one, and I swear, I know ten times more than anyone with one of those things... But the companies like to see it...

And when you're trying to get hired, unfortunately it's all about the papers.

Once you have a foot in the door at a place, get them to train you on anything that you can.

Then you can move on from there...

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thanks mrafrohead

by rolcamp42 In reply to In that case

it's hard to get any advice when most people don't know what to tell me or it seems like they're not really sure themselves

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starting off

by emi_yavo In reply to need advice now!!

Starting off in IT industry normally requires you to have a bit of experience if not on server at least on desktop.

Well you can start off my meddling around with your home PC, then ask your friends who are IT savvy to start you off in his company or sideline business, without pay if you may, or at least a small allowance. (Most IT savvy professional either have their own tiny company or sideline business, even though they themselves are working in a big company).

At the same time try to get some certification in IT (MCSE, CCNA, blah blah blah).

Then, you got yourself some IT certification and an experience in a so call IT company that you can **** them out of proportion in you CV. Hookup with some Job Agency and pray.

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Where do you want to go?

by grant@rb In reply to need advice now!!

It sounds like you have options and that you are young. Are you doing it for the money? Do you play with computers now? Can you afford to go to school? Can you afford to volunteer?

If you've already asked yourself a lot of these questions, I recommend getting a job at the helpdesk or an internship (paid or unpaid) at a technology company. Either way, you will get experience.

If you haven't asked yourself these questions, go to school. The older you get, the harder it is to finish school. I went to college and got a job at the college helpdesk. I knew Microsoft Word and a bit more, but not much. I got the job b/c I:
-made a good impression in person
-had a decent resume,
-kept calling and
-was always polite.

You really need to spellcheck and do everything you can to look professional. I'd recommend interviewing in a suit (or at least an ironed shirt and tie).

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Don't join

by Garion11 In reply to need advice now!!

This field really sucks!

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oh yea

by rolcamp42 In reply to Don't join

hey what do you wish you were doing? Realistically, not like a rock star or something.

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What I wish I was doing

by Garion11 In reply to oh yea

I stopped wishing and I am doing this now. I went back to college (we just finished our first unit this week, 2 papers lol) and I will be graduating Sep 2005. The major I have decided to pursue is Business Administration - Management.

My philosophy is in every business/company (no matter what they do) and every department, they are a support staff for the money maker...the sales guy. Sales departments/teams are the foundations of every business...every OTHER department, groups, people (including IT unless you are an IT company which is a little different) are a support team in one form or another to the Sales guys. So I decided I want to sell, be on the front lines, and not be a support guy, but the more important guy.

So after having reached that conclusion, I have decided to go into sales. But I am not going to think that far main focus right now is finishing College. My dream and ultimate goal is to own my business, whether its driving my own beer truck, running a franchise successfully, or my own consulting company....or whatever...but thats like 20 years down the road.

I used to enjoy working this field when I first started 4 years ago...but now it sucks. The time and money I invested in myself, I have yet to see a substantial return on. Whether its my lack of enough years of experience in IT (I graduated from tech school in 2001) or whatever else, frankly I am sick of it. I worked at jobs that have costed me more money then I was making in hopes of getting experience so I can move on...but crap...theres no where to go. The field died, jobs disappeared, and its always playing catchup.

So there...thats why I say to stay away from this field.

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