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Need advice on future of my career

By sirajm87 ·
Hi All,
My life had bit of ups and down. I did my engineering in chennai. After doing i dint get any job so i decided to do CCNA course.Even though i dint get job ,but finally after 6 months of searching i got a job.I had switched 3 companies till now. At present I'm working as a consultant in GOA. My manager who has done MS in US and worked in US for a company for 3 years. After that he came to INDIA and he was working from home. There was requirement for more so he decided to hire 6 more people and all 6 are working from his home in GOA. We get paid from US in dollars. But now problem is the company is going in loss and i had to start to search for different job. My question is" I'm working as consultant for 1.5 years here. If I try to search for jobs in India,does the companies hire me or not. Will my experience is countable or not. Please advise.

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Your experience is countable

by john.a.wills In reply to Need advice on future of ...

but your English could do with improvement. One and a half years of real-world experience after CCNA and a degree from Chennai (which institution there? it may make a difference) should make you interesting for a wide array of potential hirers. Get your CV together, emphasizing the value of your work in Goa; have the CV proof-read by someone with better English than yours; correct it appropriately; send it to advertisers and agencies (Birlasoft pays quite well, and may get you to the U.S. or Europe, where, after some years, you might find an even higher paying job). And try to improve your English.

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Appreciate your response

by sirajm87 In reply to Your experience is counta ...

Thank you very much for your opinion. I'm working in INDIA. The companies in INDIA ask for experience letter from the previous employer if they want to hire me. I got good exposure and I have improved my technical skills in the current company. I have to search for a company who doesn't ask for experience letter.

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now we're getting closer

by john.a.wills In reply to Appreciate your response

If I understand you correctly, you want a reference letter from an employer but you have been self-employed and contracting in the recent past. Would there be any problem in getting a reference letter from the firm you were contracted to? As it is going into liquidation, it may be of less use than a letter from an employer, but a letter from the person under whom you worked would, I imagine, be of some value.

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