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    need advice on home networking


    by maddcritter ·

    if anyone could help
    i want to network my 2 desktops and a laptop,
    1 whats the better brands to use not to high $
    2 is it ok to mix brands like linksys routers- dlink – cnet usb adaptor will they work together
    im new and trying to teach myself any help would be great

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      by maddcritter ·

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      by .martin. ·

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      home networking can be quite easy…

      all you really need to know is the following:

      1) do you want to connect the laptop wirelessly, if yes does the laptop already have wireless connectivity inbuilt?
      2) how do you want to connect the desktops? wired=faster, wireless=no wires…
      3) if connecting using wires, do the two desktops have network cards?

      So your shopping list will look like this:
      – wireless router (if you want to connect laptop/desktops wirelessly) OR
      – wired router (if you want to connect laptop/desktops using wires)
      -network cards/adaptors (if your laptop/desktops don’t already have one) OR
      -wireless network cards/adaptors (if your laptop/desktops don’t already have one)(if you want to connect your laptop/desktops wirelessly)
      – Ethernet cable (if you want to connect your computers using wires…)

      once you have selected you products (I recommend D-link, Netgear or Linksys) it is normally as simple as running the supplied software on each computer

      ask back if you have any questions… 😀

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      need advice on home networking

      by rocklobster68k ·

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      Home networking hardware is mush of a muchness these days. My advice would be to go with Linksys (re-badged Cisco) as they are quite easy to setup for a first time user. There is also plenty of on-line support.

      If your 2x desktops are in close proximity, a Linksys router with 4x ports and wireless capbilities would be a good choice. Thay way you can connect your 2x desktops physically to the router and then configure the wireless feature for your laptop (asuming your laptop has wireless capabilities).

      Linksys link:-

      D-Link hardware is also fine (I have expereince with both) 😉

      You will need to consider your Broadband connection. Be careful that you choose the correct interface for your ADSL / DSL broadband (Appologies if I am getting a lttle too techy).

      So far as wireless (D-link USB adapter)? no problems. Wireless works on standards of 802.11 a,b,g and now n – your adapter will be one of these and should support the appropriate levels of encryption and security (WPA, WPA2) WEP is not as secure.

      Wireless standards link:-

      Good luck

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        by maddcritter ·

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        thank you for info also would mixing useing diff. brand part mess up or should i stick withsame on all the peices i buy thankz again

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          Mixing different parts should not be a concern

          by dumphrey ·

          In reply to thankz

          as all the working bits are built to standards. In much the same way that different brands of TV and DVD player work together. In wireless networking, the standards are A,B,G,N. These let you know that it will work with a wireless card thats also A,B,G,N compatible. Some routers are only A,B,G. Some are B,G,N, and some are just B or G (very rare). So look for the matching alphabet to know they both (router and wireless adapter) meet the same standard.
          Also you know have wireless security standards. WEP
          (outdated, not to be used), WPA, WPA2 WPA is the least you would want to set up at home. Choose a good, strong password for the “shared key” (piece of information both the router and your computer need to know to recognize each other and communicate). Think of WEP as a locked screen door. WEP as a deadbolt on a wood door, and wep2 as deadbolted wood door in a steel frame .

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      by 1bn0 ·

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      Also, check capability and compatability.

      There are different levels of wireless.
      N=???? Good questions still.

      Stick to 802.11g and 54Mb best speed versus cost.

      Be wary of discount or refurbish wirelss components and accessories. Older devices still have bugs and aren’t always completely compatible.

      Different brands will normally work just fine together. Linksys and D-link both provide good equipment and good support for home networking users.

      Check out there websites for information before purchase.


      Most current routers come with a setup wizard that will help you.

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        Also if you want to go Wireless

        by oh smeg ·

        In reply to Encryption!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Use WPA2 Encryption so you need to buy a WiFi Router that supports this option it’s currently the best to prevent Theft of your Internet Connection.

        Also if your computers do not have WiFi Adapters [b]Do Not[/b] use USB plug in WiFi Adapters as these are slower than plug in WiFi Adapters and are more finicky in signal reception just because of what they are and how compact they are. The Aerials are also very directional and can prove to be troublesome at times. If you must use PCI Plug in cards for the desktops and PCMCIA for the NB if it supports that standard.

        If you don’t secure the WiFi Router it is possible for someone else to break into your computers and steal your data or your Internet and download something nasty which you get the blame for. Things like Kiddy Porn is not something you want to be accused of accessing as it will haunt you for the rest of your life and the owner of the connection that downloads it is responsible for that connection and everything that is downloaded there.


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