need advice on network issue.

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anyone use net resident before? i tired using it on one of my 2003 server to monitor traffic on the network but it doesn't work at all. I can ping and detect all PC in my network but when comes to monitoring, the PC doesn't appear on net resident, i had symantec endpoint on and added net resident to allow on all port but still doesn't work, even i switch off the anti-virus firewall its still the same.

My network consist of a switch connect to a cisco router which connect to the modem, all the server 2003 and WinXp PC are all connected to the switch. Net resident uses port 4201 and i checked the port is open... but still it doesn't work... anyone knows what's is going wrong? I tried GFI Languard or PRTG Network Monitor, all give me the same result.

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In "net resident" go into either "options" or "tools"...

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to need advice on network is ...

And see if you can get it to run, it might be having some trouble with your firewall since it needs a certain port open to have access to your network. Other than that, delete the program. restart your computer(s) and then install it again and see if that helps.

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In order to monitor the network, the monitor needs to be in-between

by robo_dev In reply to need advice on network is ...

A program like Net Resident can only monitor what it can see. If you install it on the Windows 2003 computer, it can only see the traffic on that PC.

if the Windows 2003 server is acting as a gateway or proxy, it would capture all computers connected to the gateway or proxy.

If not, then you would either need to enable port-mirroring on your ethernet switch (if your switch has that feature). This will allow the monitor app to receive and interpret the traffic from the mirrored port.

an alternate way to do this is to plug an ethernet HUB in between the PC you want to monitor and it's switch port. You would then plug the PC running net resident into the same hub. A hub allows you see all traffic going to/from a switched port.

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