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Need advice on printing problem

By kawarimi ·
There is a printing problem in my office's network that is keep bugging us; We have a D-Link DP101+ print server attached to HP 5100 PCL 6 printer, some of the workstations could not print some print job properly, the printer keeps printing symbols after a few successful print job from that same workstation.
If this happens, we will have to turn off the print server for few seconds then re-attach it to temporary "solve" the problem, this happen on WinXP/2k or Win9x. Any suggestion?

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having the same prob

by DeN inc. In reply to Need advice on printing p ...

i'm having the same prob here. But i'm not using D-Link rather edimax a product. Usually, I restart the PC to solve the problem.

it could be the firmware though. You might wanna try updating yours

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print drivers

by Skidoggeruk In reply to Need advice on printing p ...

You could try using different printer drivers as a means of diagnosing. You could try using an older driver, IE PCL5. If this model does not support earlier versions of PCL, you could go regressive and use an earlier compatible model, perhaps a 4100? I imagine you will have checked that the printer drivers are all the same in all the workstations.

Other things you could try. To eliminate the print server, attach the print directly to a server or workstation and open a share. If printing is OK, must be the print server. Or try a different make of print server.

Good luck

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this has worked for me

by sbmknight In reply to print drivers

garbage-printing is often a driver issue. I've also had success using PCL5 or the drivers for earlier models.

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Memory. . .

by dave In reply to Need advice on printing p ...

If Skidoggeruk's suggestion of drivers or print server doesn't solve the problem, your printer could be running low on memory resources. Especially if you print larger doc's and to save on the budget got the base memory.

Good Luck!

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words from a printer tech

by enida In reply to Memory. . .

If the printer is printing then after a while of printing, it gives ASCII characters, then it is either memory, or the print driver. Does it switch to the characters in the middle of a job, or is it a new job? If it is in the middle, then it is definately memory. Some of the HP printers have problems wiping out the buffer. That is why turning it off and turning it on helps. Look at the status page for the printer and see what the user available memory is. That is how much memory the printer has for your print jobs. That number needs to be atleast 4 times the size of your largest print job in order to get the full potential for the printer. Also, using an older print driver, a basic HP driver (like a Laserjet 4)or even a basic text only would help you determine if it is the driver or the memory. Of course, do what Europe has learned, get rid of the HP and switch to Kyocera printers.
the Griz Man

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Printing problem

by hawkeye1225 In reply to Need advice on printing p ...

what applications are you printing from that causes this issue? I had the same issue with a HP8000 with the PCL 6. The driver was the issue..try switching to the PCL 5E and see if that makes a difference.

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Send Truetype as Bitmaps

by ratatat62b In reply to Printing problem

Select the Printer Properties
Under the General Tab click Printing Preferences
Under the Finishing Tab click Details

Under Font Details
Check the box for Send Truetype as Bitmaps

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