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Need advice on purchasing a sharp printer!

By OfeliaHChaires ·
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Hey, guys,
I'm running a business in Toronto. Currently, we need to print high-quality colour stickers on our product packaging.
We used the avery stickers, but the quality, cost, and print were hindering our brand image. As we've been using sharp products(link removed by moderator) )for many years, we're considering purchasing a sharp's printer. My knowledge of printers is pretty basic. I was wondering if anyone could recommend a sharp printer that would be good for us to purchase.
Any advice from anyone would be immensely appreciated!
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by smithnennry123 In reply to Need advice on purchasing ...

Thank you for sharing these some major tips to buy the sharp printer. Your information helpful for the peoples to buy the best printer.

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I don't think Sharp make any printers these days

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Need advice on purchasing ...

They do most defiantly make Photocopiers that can be networked and used as a Printer/Scanner and so on but then again most modern Photocopiers can do that as well.

I'm at a bit of a loss as to what is actually happening here as you say you are using Avery Labels

(We used the avery stickers, but the quality, cost, and print were hindering our brand image. )

But they are not good enough and that is confusing as they are a Standard Label of course in different sizes depending on what you chose to buy but are feed through a standard Printer.

So what is the difficulty here?

Only real issue I can see which would tick all the boxes of your complaint is that you are using a inkjet printer which runs when the label gets damp and can not be overly great print quality not to mention the cost of printing which is horrendously expensive for large runs. If that is the case just using a Laser printer should cure those problems on the Avery Labels or any other brand of label for that matter.

But like all things the cheaper the printer you buy the more expensive it is to use as Toner Cartridges do not print as many copies/pages on the cheaper units to the more expensive ones and colour is always more expensive to Black.

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