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Need Advice on Which IT cert to Get?

By ike.ikeadams2 ·
I have been doing Desktop Support for about 1yr and half and i want to go on the admin side of things. I have my BA in Information Security Systems. When i was in college i took Cisco Networking Academy and Passed all four class. I did not get my cert do to money reason. I would like to focus my career on Networking and Security but don't know which Cert would get me to the next level. Either the CCNA or MCSE I know both will look good to have since i don't have much experience but i have had allot of consulting jobs doing desktop support. Any advise would help?

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Depends what you want to do

by jimmy-jam In reply to Need Advice on Which IT c ...

If you want to continue doing consulting jobs doing desktop support then an MCDST would likely be helpful. If you are looking to expand and do more "enterprise" support then something like an MCSE/MCSA would be beneficial. If you get a CCNA that would give you more credibility for infrastructure support but you may want to combine that with another cert if you also plan on doing end user support.
Just my humble opinion. :-)

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Thanks for the advice

by ike.ikeadams2 In reply to Depends what you want to ...

thanks for your advice.

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by bart777 In reply to Need Advice on Which IT c ...

Since you want to focus more on network than servers I would go for the CCNA.

Jimmy has a good point about the MCDST but I really wouldn't waste my time there if you want to go forward with the infrastructure knowledge. Also if you decide later to diversify your skill set you can always do the MCSE track.

On another note. the CCNA is a single exam. The MCSE track is a minimum of 7 exams.

If you're really sure about the network path I would go with the CCNA and then procedd to the CCNP.

Best of luck

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What about CCNA then MCSA

by vsdhannawat In reply to CCNA

If he will go for CCNA and then MCSA then what will be the result. It will be better or not. Pls suggest.
As per my experience it will help him to find a better position as a system administrator.
Please suggest.


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That would be a good plan too.

by bart777 In reply to What about CCNA then MCSA

If that is the direction he is looking to go. Keep in mind that Microsoft is changing the entire Cert system. The MCSA and MCSE certs are being replaced with the new MCITP program.

I was trying to suggest a path that would also get the best bang for the buck. He can have a great cert under his belt in a single test. Even the MCSA is 4 tests minimum.

This idea is a good one to work on but will obviously take more time and money.

Really most certifications are good. Having them doesn't get you the job, but having them with some experience will get it most every time.

Best of luck.

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by ike.ikeadams2 In reply to That would be a good plan ...

Thanks for all the responds i am defiantly going to get my CCNA and then pursue one of Microsoft test. I know these certs can garuntee me the job but it can help me. If i have certs and experience i am pretty sure i can get a entry level admin

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by david.wallis In reply to Need Advice on Which IT c ...

id go for the MCSE, for me cisco is more generic where as the MCSE focus's on the main software used in the IT industry ( Microsoft :) )

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