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need advice please on survey tool for website

By chikita280 ·
Hello! I want to create a website which I can mostly do myself with free builders like WIX etc. but need advice on how to integrate the following: a tool that allows visitors to fill in some entries aka answers to questions and for those to appear visibly on the website (once approved). A bit like in this: https://everydaysexism.com/. It's not a poll, I need the answers to be open, not pre-designed.
I need to have 7-8 fields (3 or 4 to capture demographics and 3 or 4 for questions), an approval feature and for all user entries to be displayed and captured in a database I can access. Something like Google Forms but with live visibility of each form. It is for a social justice, non commercial project. Your help will be highly appreciated, thanks in advance!
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survey tool for website

by deborasumopayroll In reply to need advice please on sur ...

At first, all website survey tools seem to be similar. Some are standalone solutions, some offer also other methods of collecting feedback (like email surveys or in-app surveys) or website analytics. After installing a piece of JavaScript code, you’re able to put a small widget on your website and instantly start collecting feedback from visitors. Nothing complicated.

Let’s start with a list of features that are important for you or another person who will be using the website survey tool. They ensure that you can configure the tool to meet your needs and make the most of it:

Skip logic
Multiple question types
Advanced targeting options
Library of survey templates

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