Need advice to upgrade Dell PowerEdge 2850

By userundicslosed ·
We have two Dell servers PowerEdge(TM) 2850.

Processor: Intel? Xeon? Processor 3.0GHz/2M, EM64T, 800MHz FSB
Memory: 1GB (2x512), DDR-2 400MHz ECC 1R

We would like to have an advise if we could use the standard Intel Xeon Processor DP3.0 GHz- FSB 800 MHz FROM INTEL and DDRAM 2 512 MB, Bus 400, PC 3200 Registered ECC FROM CRUCIAL to upgade these servers. My concern is the Dell hardware are tailored and OEM by Intel so the standard ones would not work.

Thanks in advance for your advice.

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Well as I remember any Xeon above 2.6 GHZ

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Need advice to upgrade De ...

Is a Dual Core with EMT 64 so the answer to your first question should be YES.

Depends on the model of the Power Edge or rather it's age as you may need a Voltage Regulation Module for the Second CPU which I take it is what you are asking about because most of these had the Dual CPU Sockets on the M'Board. If there is a white/Cream socket with about 40 pins in it with 2 clips that lock into the bit plugged in that's for a VRM and without it there will be no power available for the second CPU.

The extra RAM shouldn't cause any problems provided that you keep them in separate Sockets and don't mix them with the originally supplied Dell. While I personally don't know the brand Crucial it should b OK provided that you keep it isolated to the separate sockets though personally I prefer Kingston or Corsair RAM as I've always had fewer problems with it but it tends to be more expensive so that may be a consideration to you.


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