Need an Email Server Monitor

By etabush ·
My business is very dependent on our email. Often times our email server crashes and I do not realize for a few hours. Im looking for something that will monitor it and notify me when it crashes or goes down, so i can fix it immediately. Any suggestions???

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If you would mention what OS and mailserver you are running

by seanferd In reply to Need an Email Server Moni ...

I'm sure someone could make a suggestion. Include your basic network environment info (Active directory, etc.).

Many systems self-report if you set them to do so.

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Mail servers arent perfect

by etabush In reply to If you would mention what ...

They should self support but i've had issues in the past with my exchange email server going down.

Just need a simple software to let me know when its down.

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Define "going down"

by cmiller5400 In reply to Mail servers arent perfec ...

Is this a hard crash (blue screen)?
The server power off randomly?
Gremlin's start pressing random buttons to make your life a living you know what?

Yes it is nice to know when a server goes down, but you must look for the root cause of WHY it is going down...

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"Going down" definition

by etabush In reply to Define "going down"

By going down i basically want to know when either my inbound/outbound is not working.

When the inbound isnt working people get bounce back messages when trying to email me. If the outbound doesnt work then my messages wont be sent out. Even if everything looks okay these problems can be occurring.

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And you only answered one question, albeit accidentally.

by seanferd In reply to Mail servers arent perfec ...

We now know you are running some version of Exchange for a mailserver.

Windows has an entire administrative alerts system built into the OS.

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Why not schedule a task

by ChillBilly In reply to Need an Email Server Moni ...

You can schedule tasks on your computer that will do the same thing and you won't have to pay for the service. Look into getting a simple ping server executable. Schedule it for every 5 minutes on a 24 hour scale. Ensure it alerts you when the ping doesn't get a reply and there you go.. Mail Server Monitor with no payroll.

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Wont catch everything

by etabush In reply to Why not schedule a task

In my experience, doing a ping does not always work. It will catch the problem most times but not always. Most monitoring sites use this.

What im looking for is an actual email round trip on a schedule. This will insure it is working properly.

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You could do it cheapassishly...

by NexS In reply to Need an Email Server Moni ...

And, every time you log on, run a cmd session and type "ping mail-serv -t"

That would at least display when there's no network connectivity! Ha!

But otherwise, we've used one called WhatsUp, but the siren drives me crazy! S'pose that's what you're after though...

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Try this

by risques In reply to You could do it cheapassi ...

I was looking for a similar product, try

I have not tried it, just noticed it was there and a free version too.....

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