need answer

By kcorn ·
Homework assignment for my son: What is a computer on a network that requests resources from the server. _ _ i _ _ _ (six letters)

Hey; i need some help don't laugh:-)

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C L _ E N T (six letters) <N/T>

by OldER Mycroft In reply to need answer
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I think we should start accepting donations for tutoring services

by ManiacMan In reply to C L _ E N T (six letters) ...

Hmmmm....I think I have a good idea materializing here.

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Yeah but when you pay in peanuts, you get . . .

by OldER Mycroft In reply to I think we should start a ...

Kindergarten Questions, like the on_ _b_v_ (2 words, 3 letters & 5 letters)

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C'mon you two

by Tig2 In reply to Yeah but when you pay in ...

Haven't you stared at something for hours only to finally give up and ask someone? And then the answer was so mind-numbingly simple that you just wanted to kick yourself?

I'll just bet that guy looked at Mycroft's answer and wanted to go drink strychnine. Probably got home from a tough day with a cranium full of french fries and just couldn't see it. I'll be he's glad he's pretty anonymous here!

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Sorry Tigs, but '_ _ i _ _ _ (6 letters)' - is GAME ON! . . .

by OldER Mycroft In reply to C'mon you two

I appreciate how the bloke wants to go crawl into a corner (maybe) but he introduced the possibility of humour first!

C'mon girl!

Lighten up!

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Are you and I the only two jokesters on TR? What's up with everyone?

by ManiacMan In reply to Sorry Tigs, but '_ _ i _ ...

Now Beth is accusing me of being a racist/bigot/boogeyman because I made a joke about time machines when someone complained their question wasn't answered as was posted on 3/1/08 (European Format). Ok folks, time to yank those plugs out of your rear ends and stop being so **** over silly and innocent humor. I'm personally offended and angry that Beth keeps chasing me around and warning me over things that are innocent and mean no harm to anyone. That incident with DanLM over that stupid firewall joke is long gone and over, so give it a rest and move on.

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I found the Time-Machine thing funny .....

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Are you and I the only tw ...

But maybe that's more a reflection of my humour rather than the 'masses'.

However, strictly speaking - if the text-parser doesn't (actually is incapable of) pick up when someone 'incorrectly' enters a date into a Post, it's hardly a crime to use it as a means of derision for the sake of good humour.

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Thank you MyCroft, now please help defend my case here.

by ManiacMan In reply to Are you and I the only tw ...

I feel like this is a witch hunt and I'm on trial for practicing witchcraft, or in my case, sarcastic humor.

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What is 'Withcraft' ? - that's a new one on me! Next thing ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Are you and I the only tw ...

You'll be getting hounded for having beaten the non-existent grammatical-checker into submission for your foul practices in the art of complicating matters by your nefarious use of bad spelling and grammar!!!

Maybe 'Withcraft' is a film character's name - like 'Withnail' ?

Think I'll maybe create another ID, just in case!

<Edited - Obviously>

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Umm Tigs

by The Scummy One In reply to C'mon you two

I would mention, that although there was a bit of fun, nobody was flamed AND the answer was given pretty quickly.

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