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Need answers to PM interview questions

By faraz2001us ·
Hi all ,

I am currently working as a system analyst & want to make a shift to project managership, I downloaded sample questions from a website relating to PM interview, please send me intelligible answers to these questions :

? How would you start a project?
? If you were to deliver a project to a customer, and timely delivery depended upon a sub
supplier, how would you manage the supplier? What contractual agreements would you put in place?
? In this field (the field you are interviewing for), what are three critically important things you must do well as a project manager in order for the project to succeed?
? What metrics would you expect to use to determine the on-going success of your project?
? How are your soft skills? Can you "sell" the project to a team?
? You have a team member who is not meeting his commitments, what do you do?
? Companies have historically looked at technical skills, but more and more business managers are realizing that not have "people" skills tend to cripple projects.
? How many projects you handled in the past? Deadlines met? On time/ within budget? Obstacles you had to overcome?
? Do you understand milestones, interdependencies? Resource allocation?

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by dryflies In reply to Need answers to PM interv ...

If you don't know them, you should not be trying to be a PM.

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by chinoymihir In reply to

I think if you dont want to help someone then you should not at all reply to this question.

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by JamesRL In reply to Need answers to PM interv ...

Absolutely right!

If you can't answer these questions, you haven't had enough exposure to the project management discipline to consider applying for a job.

Try going to the Project management Institute and look at their reading list. Pick up some of them.

Most of us were not thrown into the Project Management deep end, we started as working on project teams and learned from good project managers. If you don't have enough experience working on projects to have at least some of these answers, try gaining some of that knowledge as a participant.


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by abraham_yavj In reply to Need answers to PM interv ...

I strongly believe that you do have exposure in the relevant scope but I suggest you to read "Project Management Professional Study Guide" by Joseph Phillips, Tata McGraw-hill Edition.

All your questions are answered.


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by ValPM In reply to Need answers to PM interv ...

Hi there,

If you understand that the primary purpose of PM is to manage risk (which is often factors unknown at the time of project initiation) then you can answer any question regarding PM from that perspective. No amount of theory beats the lessons learned from mistakes, so a healthy dose of paranoia doesn't hurt either (just because everything seems OK doesn't mean it is )

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by wtapp In reply to Need answers to PM interv ...

Sorry, I noticed these are pulled directly from Please feel free to get experience before you post these questions.

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by iwaheed In reply to Need answers to PM interv ...

First of all I wanna mention that we shouldn't discourage somebody with the answer "If you don't know or If you cann't answer" as person might have the ability to do the job with little or no help.
I am not a Project Manager nor project management professional but I have been working as IT Procedures Analyst where I have prepare some 50-60 policies and procedures under 22 Processes. I don't have answer to all question but some in my point of view:
1- I believe, 1st there should be planning; IInd Do what you plan for -> IIIrd Act on what you did after planning -> 4th Implementation and Audit.
3- For the success of project all the items in item no.1 can be applied like Plan, Do, Act and Check (Implementation/Audit)
4- Ojbective and Subjective Metrics
5- Project can not be sell to internal organization team but can be outsource to external service provided depending on the organization decision, if return on investment on ESP is more verses using your own manpower / resources / technology.
6- Without a committment from all parties, project can not move towards success, so you either replace the member or provide him with some bonus, gift etc.
7- Not sure about answer
8- Simple enough, list a number of project you handled in the past, when were they start and what was the due date at implementation/audit stage. which is completed within the timeline and byond and which one within the budgeted amount or beyond that amount, what were the problem faced during the start and completion period of that project.
9- Milestone are component of project management plan which use in schedule model. PMO manages the overal risk, opporutinity and interdependencies among project.

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by sp28999 In reply to Need answers to PM interv ...
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by jinglv In reply to Need answers to PM interv ...

i think these quesitons are not easy to anwer.i try to anwer your first.may i can give your rest of answer in next fewer day,if you find it is ok .I intend to use speaking english which are good for a really interview situation.

1.How would you start a project?
A project could be start as an idea or marketing value. But I considered the project really start in project initiation after feasibility. (Officially, Feasibility could be involved potential project manager or project staffs, but the feasibility only decides the project whether or not to be started) The project initiation could be a 2 pages document. It is very simple to headline some information about this project, including project objectives, customer, project sponsor, potential risk, Cost/Budget, Resources, project time and so on, I think that all of project information could be considered in project initiation, but remember keeping it simple. Basically, This is likely to be initial concept of the project, but that is unlike to clearly write out the project scope, these should be included in a detail plan. Finally, it is very important, sponsors should sign off this document.

xiao-jing Lu

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Don't know the answers? Then don't take on the job

by pshetal In reply to Need answers to PM interv ...

Just a piece of advise, if you don't know the answers to these questions, then you are not capable of being a PM, Don't push yourself into a job like that.

I would advise that you study, get a PM designation or do a course and get some knowledge before you attempt to get into it.

If you still are looking for only answers - just go to the website for any of the PM organizations like PMI, RUP, Prince etc and you will get what you are looking for there.

The answers will get you thru the Interview, but how will you get thru it in a REAL project????

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