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    Need Anti-Virus Advice


    by theiqa ·

    Our office just got a T1 line, 25 computers running Win 98SE and XP on Novell server. We have no Anti-Virus. Looking for most economical but most effective solution. Do we buy multiple licenses and install on all client machines? Or is there a server side app that will automatically push it out to each machine???????


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      Symantec Anti Virus Corp. Edt.

      by titssni ·

      In reply to Need Anti-Virus Advice


      I would strongly recommend the Symantec Anti Virus Corp. Edt. v.9.x for all AV managed and unmanaged environments.

      It has a very good management system and works with all verions of Windows from 98-Server 2003. I use it to manage a 11,000 client base across 4 remote sites areound the world.Management and reporting is very good and the client is very customizable even while off the LAN/WAN users are still able to get updates and stay protected. Security results are 99.9% protected.

      The Suite

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        by cactus pete ·

        In reply to Symantec Anti Virus Corp. Edt.

        Coupled with the proxy, you should be all set. Call Symantec sales, have them recommend everything you need.

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        Anti-Spy Software

        by bfilmfan ·

        In reply to Symantec Anti Virus Corp. Edt.

        In addition to the proxy server and Anti-Virus, make sure that you are protecting your users from spyware. I am beginning to see spyware to be as large an issue as viruses in corporate networks.

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          Malicious codes/Spyware is #1

          by titssni ·

          In reply to Anti-Spy Software

          Viruses and Worms are no longer the leading threats to PCs. Whether you’re a home user, small business, medium, corporate or enterprise, Spyware and other malicious codes are the major threats that cause 60% of the issues and problems that affect windows users now.

          In most cases a good Anti Spyware tool will catch and kill most of the services and tools used by these worms to spread and replicate.

          You may want to check out my earlier thread on the new Microsoft Anti Virus tool.

          The Suite.

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          Oh welif it’s only 60/40 now

          by oz_media ·

          In reply to Malicious codes/Spyware is #1

          If it is only responsible for being 40% of the main threat to business, why even bother then. I would have guessed it over 50%.

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        Symantec Corp

        by house ·

        In reply to Symantec Anti Virus Corp. Edt.

        I was just about to recommend the server/client release from Symantec. I’ve never used 9, but I’ve implimented 8.1. Number one for AV in my book. McAfee too, has a pretty good server/client AV that I’ve seen in action. I’d recommend looking into this one as well, as you might save mega $$$.

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          by roger99a ·

          In reply to Symantec Corp

          SAV can be “pushed” to the clients very easily and seems to work well. The spyware detection seems weak though. Set your browsers homepage to the Symantec download page and manually update EVERY DAY. I have even used this on dial-up and VPN users and the updates work. I also use the SMTP gateway and Exchange AV and nothing gets through. The SMTP Gateway also has some primitive anti-spam capabilities that will be useful. Just be careful with the initial configuration’s routing so you don’t turn it into a spam relay.

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      Symantec’s not very resourcefull

      by oz_media ·

      In reply to Need Anti-Virus Advice

      I found that Symantec uses far too many resources and ties up the server more than others, which you can expect fromSymantec I suppose.

      I switched to InoculateIT for a few years which then came out with e-Trust Antivirus. This one is excellent, small file on the server, incredibly fast updating and works slick.

      They also make a suite fo other e-Trust labelled tools for security etc.

      There’s even a guy who custom wrote some Novell automation scripts for it, he will customize them for your network/version for free if needed. If you end up using it, I’ll put you in touch with him.

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        by theiqa ·

        In reply to Symantec’s not very resourcefull

        Thanks to all that replied. Our local Computer company will be calling me tomorrow with prices. They suggested that Trend Micro is cheaper and does a better job than Symantec especially with Novell. Whether or not that is true, I don’t know.

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          I’ve used it

          by oz_media ·

          In reply to Thanks

          Not a bad choice at all, and yes I’d take it over Symantec (as you say, in a Netware situation), config is a little fussier and you may have some initial problems, but once it’s up and running it will be a slice.

          I have been installing e-Trust on other Novell networks since they upped the program a bit. I really liked InoculateIT for Netware(rock solid) and to see e-Trust as an improvement on CAI’s former offering is just great.

          They also make a free scanner for residential use, much like AVG, but I find that part of the site pretty confusing and hard to navigate. So it’s usually easier to install AVG for home users.

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          Good choice

          by cactus pete ·

          In reply to Thanks

          We run 4 different types of AV here, Trend is probably the highest on my list for an experienced person. Learn it well, and it will be great.

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          What the Trend misses the SAV catches

          by titssni ·

          In reply to Good choice

          We have Trend on the email servers and everything that passes through and hits the desktop is immediately killed by SAV. I must say that over the past few versions SAV has gotten much better at the age of v.9.x.

          Better use of resources and more configuration issues to protect you. Keep in mind that that client is as good as you configure it to be, so if it’s not configured properly you will not get the full potential of the client no matter which one you use.

          Your enviroment and knowledge will depcit which one you will choose at the end of the day.

          The Suite

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        I’ll check that out

        by house ·

        In reply to Symantec’s not very resourcefull

        …but the Symantec Corp doesn’t require as much from the clients as the standalone Professional. I think that it is a more expensive licencing route though, than that of McAfee – or any other antivirus for that matter.

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      try osce 10 = trend micro

      by ray.sugiarto ·

      In reply to Need Anti-Virus Advice

      try trend micro, in the cloud scan for ip reputation and also web threats, hence clients side is lite and fast yet accurate
      r sugiarto

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      by hanley25 ·

      In reply to Need Anti-Virus Advice

      It’s the best AV out, latest version is 4.0 and go to home edition and download the setup and then its self explanatory while your installing. limewire doesn’t give you viruses you have to manually download one off it.

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