Need app to run a program once another one closes

By coptechs ·
I am looking for a good, reliable application that would run program B once program A is shut down. Here is the situation... I need a file transfer utility that requires user intervention to run after a specific application is shut down. Another, less desirable option would be to have a dialog box prompt a reminder to run the file transfer app after the other application is shut down.

I saw an application called AutoIt which seems like it may allow me to develop a script to do what I need to do. Does anyone have any experience with AutoIt? Any other suggestions?

Thanks in advance.


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Many solutions:

by robo_dev In reply to Need app to run a program ...

WinBatch from wilson windoware

You could do this in VB Script or even WSH:

The WshShell.Run strCommand, [intWindowStype], [bWaitOnReturn]
command will do this. e.g

Set WshShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell") "notepad" & " c:\temp\textfile.txt", 1, true

Setting the WaitOnReturn to true causes the script execution to wait until execution of the program being run has been terminated.

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Can you help me refine this a little?

by coptechs In reply to Many solutions:

So am I correct in assuming that these commands:

Set WshShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell") "notepad" & " c:\temp\textfile.txt", 1, true

will run notepad and open a file named 'textfile.txt'?

Lets say for instance I have a program called "Mobile" that the user starts by clicking on a desktop icon. When the user closes "Mobile" I want the program called "Transfer" to run. Can you give me a better idea how I'd do this? Should I have the desktop icon actually point to the script and add a line to initiate the "Mobile" program before the command to initiate "Transfer" upon closing?

I'm not really good with programming/scripting, etc.

Thanks in advance.

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